How To Improve Search Engine Ranking With Social Media Marketing?

How To Improve Search Engine Ranking With Social Media Marketing?


As a website owner, you would want your site to be visible to your potential customers. One way to do that is to rank better on Google. You need your pages to appear on top of the Google search result.

In this post, let’s take a look at ways on how to improve your search engine ranking using social media marketing.

Find where your customers are

If you want to stabilize your rankings, you must find where your potential customers are. It’s reported that almost three billion people are using social media. The number is up by 22 percent.

Hence, most businesses are investing in social media. They even train their employees to handle their customer service on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.

If you failed to respond through social media channels, your existing customers are more likely to switch provider. Since your goal is to improve your search engine ranking, you need more people to talk about your brand. You can’t achieve that if your customers aren’t satisfied with your company.

But if they’re pleased with how you interact with them on social media, they’re likely to talk about you on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. And the more they talk about you; the more Google would recognize your company.

Post links on social media

The primary objective of Google is to provide the most relevant results to the users. When you search something on Google, you could see that it displays authority pages on top of the SERP.

Although Google doesn’t utilize social signal to rank your web pages, it does treat social media sites like other pages. Thus, if a topic occurs on Twitter and it can crawl it, Google returns it in its search results.

Therefore, when your customers post your website links on popular media sites, you could expect your ranking to boost because these links are considered as credible backlinks. It could lead to better page ranks.

Get better traffic

As mentioned earlier, social media has billions of users. Thus, it has become a useful tool for marketers to boost their website’s ranking. You can quickly drive targeted traffic to your site through Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and other popular social media sites.

The more traffic you get from these sites, the better it is for your ranking. That’s because Google recognizes massive referral traffic as an indication that your site is reputable.

The larger your followers are on social media, the more they could help in improving click through. The more posts you share on social media, the more search engines would think that your content has value. But make sure that you include keywords in your posts so that your target audience could find your posts.

When your readers find your content on social media, they will visit your site. If they love your content, they would share it on social media. Doing so would help increase the authenticity of those click-throughs, thereby, improving your site statistics. This, too, could help your site rank better on Google.

Develop True Relationships With Followers

But to increase your followers, you need to develop relationships. To earn a genuine relationship with your fans, you should earn their trust and respect. For it to last, you need to give them something of value, and they do something for you, too.

It’s useless to have thousands of followers on Twitter if they don’t communicate with you. To nurture a relationship on social media, you need to make people feel that you value them. Once they feel that, they are most likely to connect with you and be loyal to your brand.

You must have an ongoing dialogue with them to reinforce that feeling. You need to deliver value if you want that relationship to grow and be stable over time.

Since social media is a community, you must contribute to it in various ways and recognize other people’s contributions. You can do so by promoting other brands or people’s videos by liking, replying or retweeting/sharing them on your social media accounts or blog posts.

Be Trustworthy

Why would someone visit your website when they see it on social media if you don’t appear to be trustworthy? The success of every brand relies on trust. To start earning that trust, your messages on social media must be authentic. You must always be yourself whether you’re speaking about your organization or your products.

On social media, you should be a thoughtful and supportive member of the community. And don’t forget to exhibit a funny bone to help you keep in good standing. Bear in mind that having a great sense of humor is always an effective ice breaker.

Listen to your customers
Intentional listening should be a part of your social media marketing. When you do so, you can find your target audience and be able to understand their needs. After that, you can effectively communicate with them in a way that it can establish trust and long-lasting relationship.

To do so, spend your time learning on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites to know more about your target audience and what they’re saying about you and other brands.

It’s also ideal that you monitor your competitors carefully. Know about what marketing messages they share on social media. Find out if they’re listening to their customers.


Before you even jump right in the social media marketing because it’s proven to boost search engine ranking, you need to develop a plan first. Make sure that you know how to integrate social media into your existing strategy.

After listening to your audience, you’ll know what your target market cares about and what your potential customers are talking on social media. From that information, you can determine the kind of message that you can share and communicate with those people.

As your social media followers grow, it’ll improve your brand’s relevance. It can lead to a better number of individuals reaching out to your brand and commenting on your posts regularly. You must learn how to fully engage your audience, so they keep talking about you.

Author: Jane Danes

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