How to Import Facebook Ads to Google Sheets

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How to Import Facebook Ads to Google Sheets

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If you want to know how to import Facebook Ads to Google Sheets, know that there are a variety of methods. We’ll focus on the manual methods for doing so, whether you have a single Facebook page or several business pages. Then we’ll explain how to import it into Google Sheets.

The Import Process When You Have a Single Page

Go to the Facebook Ads Manager on the Ad Center of your Facebook Page. Choose “All Ads”. Select the ad campaign(s) you want to export from Facebook to Google’s spreadsheets for further analysis. Click on the “Export and Import” button. This will give you three options. The “All” option lets you export data for all campaigns on that page. The “Selected” option lets you export data for all selected campaigns. “Customize Export” lets you select various columns to be included in the export. You’ll want to do this in the expanded view of Facebook Ads Manager. If you are in the expanded view, you can get to the export menu by clicking on the “More” dropdown.

Once you choose an export type, you’ll get to choose the format of the export. The three choices are: Microsoft Excel, CSV, or text. Once you select a file type, hit export. The file will be saved to your computer.

The Import Process When You Have Several Facebook Pages

Go to the Facebook Ads Reporting screen. Select the option called “Create a Report”. Choose which Facebook accounts you want to be included in the report. This is a great way to consolidate data for several different business or author pages. Once you’ve selected the accounts to be included, hit “Create” on the bottom right to create the report.

Facebook will ask you to choose a layout. Your options include pivot table, trend line chart, and bar chart. Select an option. Then hit “Export” on to the top right corner to generate the report. This will bring up the report in the requested format.

You can choose to export the report by naming it and then clicking on “Export”. Since this report includes graphical information, your export options include CSV, PNG, and the Excel file types XLS and XLSX. Note that Google Sheets works best with CSV or Excel file types like XLSX.

How to Import Facebook Ad Data to Google Sheets

We’ve described the process for exporting the data from Facebook. So how do you get it into Google Sheets? Go to Google Sheets. Open a document. Go to “File” and then “Import”. Choose the downloaded Facebook ads report. This will open the report in Google Sheets.

Are There Automated Methods?

If you want to regularly export , there are a number of automated solutions. You could create a Facebook Ads connection with Google Sheets. However, this requires steps such as getting a Facebook API access token as a developer and then connecting them. Note that you must have a business manager account for this to even be an option. And you’ll have to refresh the token every two months.

Yet these steps are necessary even if you’re going to be importing data from various apps and online published files to Google Sheets. Find out if the app has Google Sheets integrations before you start going through a manual process to create your own data pipeline.

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