How to Get Online Reviews the Easy Way?

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Reviews can help build trust with your customers. But one review is not enough for them to trust you and make a purchase.

How to Get Online Reviews the Easy Way?

How to Get Online Reviews the Easy Way?

According to BrightLocal, customers will only trust you if your business has received one to six online reviews. This can be quite a lot. Unfortunately, for most entrepreneurs, they’re too busy asking for reviews so this task would usually get the backseat.

However, getting online reviews for your products and services should be your priority to improve your business’ trustworthiness. Bear in mind that 92 percent of customers would go online and check online reviews before trusting a business.

But how are you going to get online reviews?

Through Email

One of the most effective ways to get online reviews is to ask your customers through email. When someone bought a product from your online store, try sending him/her an email and ask for a review. But you should wait at least a day after the purchase before sending an email. Make the request as brief and short as possible.

And when you send an email, make sure that you mention the customer’s name. For convenience, include the star rating in your email.

Some customers are more than willing to review items and services even without incentives. This is especially true if you know that it could benefit other customers. You’ll get a good amount of reviews as long as the process is quick and straightforward.

Send customers to a niche review site

You may have social media channels that let your customers review your products and services. However, social networking sites can be flooded by spam comments. If you don’t want that, you should consider asking for customers review on some niche websites, like Yelp.

Sign up for Yelp and include the link to your Yelp account in your email. By providing them with links, it can help them save time. They’re more likely to leave reviews.

Apart from Yelp, you can choose other niche review sites, depending on the industry of your business.

Request them to leave reviews on Facebook

Social media is still one of the best ways to get online reviews, even though it can be daunting for customers to write comments or reviews about your business on Facebook. But you have to remember that this social networking site has more than a billion of active users every day. That said, you should approach it the easiest and fastest way to get reviews, thereby, letting your products be noticed.

According to BuzzPlant, Facebook is considered by many as the most trusted social network when it comes to online reviews. Instagram, on the other hand, is the least trusted.

How about offering them an incentive?

This is a trick that can effectively help your business get plenty of online reviews. Then again, if it’s not done properly, it could damage your reputation as you’re more likely to get fake reviews. If your customers would know about it, your trustworthiness would sink. For that reason, you should only use this trick with absolute caution.

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