How to Empower Your Customers

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How to Empower Your Customers

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Customers are different today than those of earlier generations. We rely on very powerful, streamlined technology to get information, make purchases, and more. It may feel like the smartphone revolution was generations ago, but they are only about a decade old!

It’s hard to take self-assured steps on such new terrain. How can companies know the optimal way to empower customers in this quickly evolving era? Please read on to learn more about how disruptive companies embrace technological innovation.

Vital Stats at a Glance

Information can be a very potent tool, but it cuts both ways. Consumers can also get overwhelmed if there’s too much or if the information isn’t presented clearly enough.

Disruptors like build platforms that show homebuyers everything they need to know right away when buying real estate. Customers are empowered by data that provides vital information clearly.

As McGee explained to Toronto Life, millennial first-time homebuyers are accustomed to using technology to personalize their experiences while simplifying their lives. “Nobul has come up with a streamlined process that educates users as they go, so they have a better sense of the questions they should be asking throughout the real estate journey.”

Leading prop-tech platforms give customers the real estate agents’ vital stats at a glance, such as their transaction histories, prices, services, verified reviews, and more. Homebuyers need vital information right away, and prior to prop tech platforms, real estate was notoriously awash in murky sales data.

You don’t want to drown customers in too much data. If they become confused, they may check out and leave the platform.

Easy, No-Stress Returns

E-commerce was dominant before the pandemic and has only increased its stranglehold since. When customers are in a brick-and-mortar store, they can feel the tangible product and get a sense of it only possible when holding it in their hands. If they scrutinize it and decide not to purchase it, they’re free to put it back on the rack and walk away.

Shopping online is different. If you empower customers by making returns simple and straightforward, you’ll remove a significant hurdle to closing the sale.

Algorithms That Deliver Results

Most sites and apps have an algorithm that does the sorting work behind the scenes. Your algorithm must work better than your competitors’.

Customers feel empowered when they quickly get from the site what they came there for. Programming an algorithm that personalizes their experience makes them feel in charge. It will also help you close sales, bring back return customers, and have them become brand ambassadors. Don’t just create an algorithm. Make sure it’s better than the one your competitor relies on.

In retail, the customer has always been right. Modern technology has given customers new ways to gather information, compare prices, and make purchases. That’s why modern businesses need to embrace disruptive innovation to find new ways of ensuring customers not only feel in the right, but empowered.

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