How to Create Your Website with Wix

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Create beautiful and personalized websites with Wix

Create beautiful and personalized websites with Wix

With nearly 70 million users, has become one of the most popular website builders of the 21st century. In recent years, Wix became the most common answer to the question: How to create a website, and with its intuitive platform and host of features, their platform has been appreciated by users and critics alike. Essentially, there is no coding involved in creating a website on Wix, so even your digital marketing executives can get the job done to leave your boss impressed!

It’s also quite easy to navigate your way around Wix, but then again, a lot of users have suggested that the myriad of features overwhelms them at times. Don’t worry though – Social Barrel is here to save the day and give you a step-by-step guide on creating your own Wix website!

Step 1: SIGN UP

Step 1All you need to do is provide an email and password to get started on Wix. Alternatively, you can sign up through your Facebook or Google+ account.

Step 11

Once you sign up, you land on the My Sites page, which will be like this, if you haven’t created a website yet. Click on Start Creating Now and you will be taken to the Templates page. With more than 500 options, choose your desired template and you’re ready to roll!


Step 3

After choosing a template, click on the ‘edit this site’ option on the top right of your screen. A new tab will open where you can now customize your site. Let’s start off by customizing the home page. Click on pages, then home, and the Settings and SEO tab will open up. You can choose options like protecting the page for privacy, changing the layout, SEO optimization, and page background.

Step 3 2

Step 3 3

Once you’re done with that, you can customize the background, colors, and fonts in the design toolbar.

Step 3 4Here, we’ve changed the background of the homepage, but the header is still gloriously red. Not a problem though, as by simply clicking the header and choosing ‘Change Style’, you can align it more appropriately with the background.

Step 3 5Looks much better now, doesn’t it?


Step 4The + toolbar is great, as it allows you to add various elements to your website for personalization. Now, if you want to add a blog element, you can have a host of features in it as well. Once you click on any of the elements, for instance, featured posts, you can move it around to where it fits best!


STEP 5We don’t really like the way the ‘Let us Know’ appears on The Tip Line tab, so just click it, choose Add Animation, and make it expand when someone hovers over it. Nice; right? You can also choose what elements overlap and what styles suits them best.


Step 6

Of course; you will need to use some apps from Wix App Market to truly leverage on the dynamics of Wix. We’ve chosen the free ‘Get Leads’ app, which will give us an active contact form.

Step 6 2Click on add app and you can now see the Contact button appearing on the bottom right hand of the screen.


Step 7Last but not the least; we have the settings feature, which allows you to optimize your site address, SEO, show post statistics, and more. For the Statistics and Favicon feature, you will have to upgrade your membership. Once you’re done, just click on Save to save your website as a draft and make edits when necessary.

Wix HTML5 editor now makes life easy for nontechnical personnel who don’t want to spend much time and resource on web development. Give us your thoughts and suggestions on this week’s review below.

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