How to Create Your Brand Social Media Buzz

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Social media has been turning into the global information currency. Networks catering such services have gained a new level of value and influence globally. Especially with a predominantly digitally driven global community, social media is a very influential platform. When tapped properly, companies stand to gain immensely both on consumer engagement and potential sales.

Companies looking for a way to build or boost their branding efforts can find social networking as one of the best and most effective means to gain traction. The range of available media can power promotional and engagement efforts in many ways no other online tool can provide according to Hongkiat. Businesses can take advantage of the virality of these platforms.

Social networking allows people to form connections just as easy and find those that share similar interests. This fundamental principle of socializing is what companies can take advantage of. If they create a way to socialize with their targeted customers, it can generate viral content to draw attention to the brand. Companies can get out their products and services in a more convincing manner.

Photo by Vermin Inc via Flickr, Creative Commons

Photo by Vermin Inc via Flickr, Creative Commons

To establish the advantages of social media platforms, Facebook has more than 500 million users while Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkeIn, Tumblr and Instagram also host millions of people. Facebook and Twitter have already been offering promoted or sponsored pages recognizing their increasing role in branding. For companies keen on taking advantage of such platforms, there are several ways to brand and promote through these networks.

People use social media platforms as a personal outlet. They create accounts to share their thoughts, views and daily activities while also aiming to connect with other people. Often, the goal is to connect and interact with like-minded individuals. Because social media platforms are personal to their users, it offers companies a different and more meaningful way to engage with their prospective patrons.


Customer Service

Most users who shop online are also active on social media. Often, they use social media to find similar pages catering to their interests. These types of platforms offer companies an effective way to talk to their customers. According to Convince and Convert, social media customer service can now be considered the new version of the (800) number.


Reputation Management 

People talk about all sorts of things online and companies are more likely to be a subject one way or another. Platforms where people socialize offer business enterprises a unique but also reliable way to gauge how their brand is perceived. Some users are very vocal about their views on things including businesses through these sites. Companies can easily see whether they have to work more on their engagement or maintain but also develop rapport.


Market Share

As mentioned, social media sites usually hosts millions of followers. According to Hongkiat, this means they have a considerable market share for any company or brand wanting to promote to a targeted market. These sites also command considerable, if not, the most attention from their users. Companies can use these pages to create social media buzz for their brand. Recognition does not take overnight but tapping into such market share offers excellent potential.


Customer Acquisition

Awareness can eventually lead to conversion. The reach or spread of social media sites offers a big room for companies to draw as many targeted individuals as possible. However, it is necessary for businesses to learn how to market properly as mere description like features and benefits do not do the trick in social media marketing.

Effective marketing means getting the right followers or subscribers. This means more numbers of likes or follows does not mean more customers. Social media metrics should be focused on getting genuine patrons. Know why a decrease in social followers is a good thing – it paves the way for better engagement than artificial measurement.



This is related to market share and reputation management. Tapping into one of the largest market shares online gives public relation opportunities. The good thing about these sites is that you can deliver your message straight to the customers. There are less obstacles and communication can be extremely effective. Experts suggest businesses to know their customers and potential patrons as much as possible to understand what to tell them.


Social News Digging

Knowing how to do public relations is one thing but social media strategy or getting a brand viral is another thing. Social networking sites have been hosts to some of the most talked about people, events and issues throughout the years. A train of thought can easily gain as much attention if majority of the users can identify with it. Companies can take advantage of what people are currently talking about and relate it to their brand in the best possible way.


Create a Customer Base and Brand Community

Once people are aware of the brand, companies can now convert users to their loyal followers. This can be considered as activating fans and encouraging rapport that benefits both ways. If companies can identify with their customers effectively then patronization can come easy. The more “attached” users become, the easier it is to introduce new products and services while sustaining the business. Business can feed off interesting and useful information becoming an important resource for people.



This does not just fall on the brand and customer. Brands can also network with other brands that can potentially result to more effective or appealing promotions. It is a large user base out there. Just as there are many customers, there are also many companies taking advantages of these pages. Knowledge from other campaigns may be supportive of the current efforts of the brand.


Competitor Analysis

This may be more of a benefit than how to create buzz but it is a lesson all companies should learn. Monitoring competitors’ sites is one way to strategize on how to position marketing campaigns, promotions and other branding efforts.


Address Issues 

Companies are often plagued with complaints and other concerns from customers and interested parties. One way to create a buzz is to address issues via social but do so with caution. Targeting people’s perceptions and interacting with users online can be beneficial for the company. Social media sites are best known to cater to interactive users thus the ability to establish better relations.


Company Value

Company value can also be established effectively through social media engagement. This can be related to customer service and addressing issues. If companies show that they care to what their customers think and feel then they can encourage more participation and loyalty. This has a positive effect on the perception of people about the brand. Inspiring people to talk positively about the brand can offer incredible results in the long run.


Online Visibility 

Constantly posting on social media sites can create an index of content that will allow companies to preserve their online presence. Social media sites offer convenient sharing platforms that let businesses promote and brand across different pages fast.

These are just some of the ways how social media helps your business. Creating a buzz on these platforms offers excellent potential for companies to draw more customers and boost sales. Tapping into the interactive nature of these pages is best done by understanding customers and addressing their needs and preferences.

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Author: Kimberly Grimms

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