How To Convince Your Boss To Invest In Content Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

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If you feel the company lacks effort in content marketing, the best way to pick up pace and convince your boss is through statistical proof.

Internet marketing firm Fat Joe UK has released a new infographic with convincing figures that may sway your company head’s opinion about content marketing.

In a nutshell, and to cater readers with limited bandwidth, here are some of the figures:


– 61 percent of consumers are more confident with companies who create their own content and are more likely to buy from those companies.

– 70 percent of consumers want to learn more information about a company through write-ups, not ads.

– 78 percent of consumers trust companies that deliver custom content will create trustworthy business relationships.


– 37 percent of marketers see blogs as the most valuable type of content marketing.

– 69 percent of marketers see the creation of custom content as the hardest challenge of all.

– 87 percent of business-to-business marketers use content distribution through social media.

To know more about the success and expenditures of content marketing, check out this infographic.

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Author: Francis Rey

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