How to Choose a Memorable Photo for Your Blog Posts or Presentation

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Your audience will remember your photos six times better than your text. The perfect blog post must have photos as they’re more memorable than words.

How to Choose a Memorable Photo for Your Blog Posts or Presentation

How to Choose a Memorable Photo for Your Blog Posts or Presentation

But not all photos are memorable. That said, what makes a photo memorable and how would you choose a memorable photo to optimize your selection?

The Color

It must be harmonious. The first thing that a human being sees is color. In fact, color has become an integral part of a brand.

Even so, you shouldn’t be crazy about colors. Remember that some of us are colorblind. Harmonious colors are said to retain in our memories than non-harmonious colors.

Instead of using an array of pink, blue and red, try the different shades of green.

People in the Photo

To make it memorable, include people in your photos. So, showing a landscape photo will easily be forgotten. But an image with a person or people as the focal point will be remembered.

The people in the photo must also show emotion. The more intense it is, the more likely your audience will remember it.

Instead of neutral expressions, try offering your readers with photos of people showing emotional expressions.

A Photo with Meaning

iStock models may help provide emotions to a photo.

However, we’re more likely to remember a picture of Gisele Bundchen or Naomi Campbell than a photo of an unknown iStock model.

The reason for this is that we can easily remember photos that we have prior knowledge. That is, they’ll be easily stored in our memory because they provide meaning to us.

Infographics and Charts

Compared with graphs, infographics/charts are easier to remember. It’s because of the illustrations that mimic the things that we view in the real world.

Graphs aren’t natural looking. They don’t look like the things that we see every day.

When providing your audience infographics or charts, make sure that they’re of interesting images, instead of a visual obstacle.

Multiple Images

One image is not enough to present your content.

Rather, a variety of images can aid one’s memory. This is one of the reasons infographics are more memorable than a graph or a simple photo.

That said, don’t just post stock images. Instead, add some quotes or infographics for optimum recall.

Images with text are more memorable than a photo without text.

But that doesn’t mean you’ll add just any photo to make your post more memorable. Remember that irrelevant images are forgettable as they can easily distract how your audience reads.

With that in mind, consider images that can assist your brand.

When you post related images to your tweets, they’re likely to get re-tweeted than those posts without images.

And those presentations with visuals are more persuasive. Consumers will also likely to consider clicking on a search result with an image.

Final Thoughts

Images can easily convey the message that you wish to present. But not all images are memorable.

Keep those things in mind and your audience will easily remember what you’ve just presented to them.

What do you think of a memorable image? What images do you use in your blog posts or presentation?

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