How to achieve an effective social media presence

effective social media presence

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If you want to achieve an effective social media presence, you need money. But it doesn’t mean you have to spend most of your savings to improve visibility in social platforms. What you need is the right balance between money and strategy.

A 2017 survey by Clutch and Smart Insights shows that most B2C (58 percent) and B2B (46 percent) companies see social media as a worthy investment. With a growth estimate from 2 billion to 2.5 billion users this year, we will likely see these numbers rise.

In the past few years, social media has proven its importance to businesses. You need it to build followers and loyalists, and to woo investors away from your competitors.

A shoestring budget will not stop you from achieving your goals. With the right attitude and a strong company culture, you can connect with the target audience.

Here are some tips for an effective social media presence:

1. Set your eyes on the goal. Use a voice and content that truly reflects your brand and streamlines to your other marketing resources. Whatever your choice, make sure your story comes across clearly.

Your objectives will shift on different social networks. While Facebook has a large number of active users, it may not align with your goals if you are a B2B company.

Make sure you have the manpower to reach your vision. If Twitter is your customer service platform, someone or a team has to monitor and reply to valid concerns in real time. Advise them to quickly debunk fake news or false accusations before it goes out of hand.

2. Talk to your audience. To standout on social media, stop posting and start engaging. Like, share, comment or reply to build a community. If not, people will see you as too robotic or noisy talk.

For example, Cisco uses its employees to talk to promising talents from different schools. They started a #WeAreCisco program on Snapchat. A team of Cisco employees run the program to deliver the company’s messages.

Remember that the number of posts increases with cost. While you need regular posts to keep followers engaged, you had better stick to a degree of posting that they can expect. Will it be daily updates, weekly roundups or the occasional advertorials?

3. Keep evolving. Social media presence will take a downturn if you are complacent. If your company is evolving, show your followers a glimpse of recent milestones. If your chosen social platform has new features, use these tools to draw more followers.

You have to evolve willingly. A company that thrives on social media always pushes its boundaries and quickly adapts to change. Be proactive and spontaneous.

Spontaneity will sometimes hit a road block. If you make a wrong move, admit it. Share what went wrong and how you will correct it.


Most entrepreneurs and marketers have tight budgets and a lot of ground to cover on social media. But social media is inherently cost-effective. Like any marketing strategy, you can find a balance to achieve ROI. I hope these three tips will take you closer to your goals.


Author: Francis Rey

Francis is a voracious reader and prolific writer. He has been writing about social media and technology for more than 10 years. During off hours, he relishes moments with his wife and daughter.

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