How Technology Has Changed the iGaming Industry

How Technology Has Changed the iGaming Industry

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The iGaming industry is one that would not exist if it weren’t for technological advancements. It is made up of businesses that let their customers play casino games, bet on sports, and enter lotteries over the internet.

The games that websites like offer to their customers are not new. In fact, they’ve been around, in most cases, for hundreds of years. But without cutting edge technology, it wouldn’t be possible for players to enjoy them from the comfort of their own homes.

Here are some of the technologies that have changed the iGaming industry.

Mobile technology

Before 2007, few people had heard of a smartphone, but Apple changed that by releasing the iPhone. In just a few years, most adults had one of these pocket-sized computers that they carried with them wherever they went.

Smartphones and tablets have helped the iGaming industry to grow, by making it more convenient to play games since you no longer need to be tied to a computer desk to do it. Mobile devices also made it easier to bet on sports since it can now be done from in front of the TV or at the stadium, without needing to visit a betting shop in person.

Video streaming technology for live casinos

Traditional online casino games use computer graphics to show the player the outcome of the game. Online roulette uses a computer-generated wheel and online blackjack uses digital playing cards.

However, video streaming technology, similar to what you use to host a Zoom meeting, has allowed people to games. These are different from other online casino games because they use a real human as the dealer who is streamed to the player through a high-quality video feed.

For sports betting, many iGaming companies have begun to use video streaming technology to let their customers watch the sports that they’re betting on from inside the sportsbook’s website. Many also show live scores in a similar way to Google News.

This makes it easy to watch and bet at the same time, especially for people who like to use bet-in-play features like prop bets and “cash-out” options that allow a bettor to lock in profits (or cut losses) before the end of a game.

Random number generators

Random number generators are about as essential for online casinos as computers and the internet. Without them, the games would not operate in a verifiable fairway.

In a real casino, cards are put into a random order by shuffling them, while simple mathematics makes dice games and roulette fair. For online casino games, random numbers need to be fed into the computer code to make the cards display in a particular order or for the roulette wheel to land in one of its pockets.

Computers can’t normally generate truly random numbers as they use instructions to do so. Instead, iGaming companies turn to random number generators for the task instead. These can work in many different ways, such as listening to atmospheric static or firing photons at a semi-reflective material.

Whatever system the casino uses, it allows them to ensure games are fair for everyone who plays them.

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