How Social Media Helped Boost an Electric Scooter Startup on Kickstarter

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How Social Media Helped Boost an Electric Scooter Startup on Kickstarter

How Social Media Helped Boost an Electric Scooter Startup on Kickstarter

, Raine Scooters was started with a mission to give riders the freedom to go anywhere and have fun while doing it. A mission to provide sustainable transport, saving you energy and money, owning your journey, and above all else…loving it! 

Their first project is named the “Raine One”. 

The Raine One is an electric scooter built to be one of the safest, smoothest, and most exhilarating electric scooters in the world.

Using Facebook to promote this campaign, Marc Alexander, the Co-Founder and CEO, together with his team, James Murphy (co-founder of the Baja Board off-road electric skateboard) and Michelle Mannering (co-founder of the Black AI visualization systems) were hopeful that their Kickstarter campaign would reach its goal of $50k USD. 

This goal would allow for the delivery of their first production runoff.

On Monday November 11,  Raine Scooters launched the Raine One model via Kickstarter and the initial results were seriously impressive. In just 43 minutes, the $50k USD goal was reached!

Having smashed its campaign target, Raine Scooters have also announced they have received $500,000 from Canva investor –  Blackbird Ventures. 

Since then, the Kickstarter campaign has raised around $300k USD in a week!

You can check out the details of the Kickstarter campaign here live: 

THE RAINE ONE Electric Scooter

Key features of the Raine One

  1. Superior acceleration
  2. Poly-shock suspension
  3. Innovative tech and safety features

The Australian-designed Raine One, is unlike any other electric scooter you’ve seen or ridden before. 

This electric scooter’s other features include:


1) Maximum speed of 50 km / 31 mph

The Raine One scooter’s superior design allows riders to travel at a top speed of 50 kmh / 31 mph, which is pretty amazing for a scooter of this size and weight.

2) Uphill power

The Raine One scooter’s lightweight frame and high-powered motor will keep you riding through hills and climbs – a feature that makes this electric scooter a preference for many.

3) Fast recharge

The scooter’s battery recharges at a speed of less than 2 hours for a 20km (12 mile) range.

4) Extended the range

The scooter has an impressive 40km (25 mile) range to make sure you get where you need to go.

5) Travel further

With soft high grip airless tires, this scooter takes you where you want without the fear of punctures.


The Raine One scooter is also equipped with one of the best technologies you can find in any electric scooter on the market including:

  1. A Premium display – This scooter has a 5.1-inch display with everything you need to know at your fingertips.
  2. Customizable LED lighting – The Raine One is equipped with amazing personalized lights to keep you visible and safe at all times of the day.
  3. GPS – Guides you to your destination, and it’ll know where your scooter is at any time

The Raine One’s compatible app is also designed to keep you synced with your scooter, with integrated locking, power management, and fly mode switching all being controlled within the app.


The Raine One electric scooter is one of the safest scooters out there.

  1. Smart locking system – Rest assured your scooter is safe from theft due to its advanced smart lock. No more physical locks and cables required with the Raine One’s in-built cable. The app-connected alarm system will also let you know if your scooter has been tampered with.
  2. Brakes – The scooter has ABS brakes and traction control which ensure you maintain grip and stop safely.
  3. Advanced night vision – In-built LEDs to help light your way home day or night. It also gives you the option to customize the light color to your liking.


  1. Easy to fold – Are you tired of carrying a big scooter onto public transport or trying to fit it in your car? The Raine One solves all your problems. With the easy to use custom X-folding system, the Raine One easily folds down.
  2. You can carry anywhere – Equipped with a strong lightweight carbon fiber frame, you can carry it anywhere with ease.
  3. Custom modes –  Eco, Smart and Rocket modes ensure you’re ready to take on any adventure.


When buying a car, motorbike, or a bicycle, comfort is always a major consideration factor. The Raine One scooter is equipped to give you a comfortable experience with these features;

  1. Wide deck – No more struggling with narrow decks as this new scooter has a wide and cleanable deck, so you’ll be able to find your perfect stance.
  2. Heated grips – Ride during cold mornings and winter seasons with no worry as this scooter keeps you warm throughout your ride.

The details put into the Raine One are purposely made to make you enjoy every riding experience. With innovative features, new and advanced technology, as well as offering a fun and comfortable ride – this scooter is made for you.

Meet the team responsible for this amazing Raine One scooter

To make an outstanding electric scooter like the Raine One, there must be a fantastic team behind all this detailed work. Here is the team involved in the making of Raine One electric scooter;

Marc Alexander – Co-Founder and CEO 

  • Marc Alexander is a business and technology leader in consumer electronics and smart embedded products. Bringing his global leadership to Raine, he ensured that Raine One redefined the transportation world over. He is the Chief Product & Technology Officer and Co-Founder at LIFX – the world’s largest smart lights manufacturers.

James Murphy – Co-founder of the BajaBoard off-road electric skateboard

  • James Murphy, the Design Engineer and Co-Founder of Raine, had an idea of the Raine One scooter to create a more fun, stylish, and innovative way to travel. As a mechanical designer, James is no stranger to designing innovative products. His first product being the BajaBoard, which has become the world’s best all-terrain motorized skateboard. In his spare time, James Murphy is dedicated to supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Michelle Mannering – Head of Partnerships & Events

  • Michelle is Co-Founder and Head of Partnerships at Raine and a Content Producer in the realms of technology. Also known as the “Hackathon Queen,” she fosters Raine’s community and collaboration. She is a passionate innovator in both science and communications, and an invaluable member of the Raine team. 

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