How Social Media Changed Our Lives?

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A decade ago, social media was just a budding trend. In 2005, Facebook was an unknown name, Twitter was considered as a pointless tool, and LinkedIn was seen by many of us as a digital resume.

How Social Media Changed Our Lives?

How Social Media Changed Our Lives?

Ten years after, social media has become a key part of our lifestyle. For businesses, it has become a useful channel to market their businesses, regardless of their size.

Kids, these days, cannot conceive of a world without social networking. They are also stunned to know that phones were only used for texting and calling a decade ago.

This surely indicates that social media has permanently changed our society. Now, let us take a look at how social media affected our life experiences.

Access to information

Twitter and Facebook are two of the places where most of us go to access various sources of information. Journalists would sometimes live “tweeting” their observations about the whole situation.

Apart from that, we can read various viewpoints to help us draw our own conclusions of a specific topic.


If you cannot talk to someone on the phone, you may leave a voice mail, send him/her a text, Facebook message him/her, tweet him/her, and so on and so forth. You will also know what others are doing by reading their updates on their social media accounts.

That said, catching up with someone is no longer that difficult.

Furthermore, social media is used to find old friends and maintain potential new friendships.

Amplify message

For business owners, social media allows them to amplify their message worldwide. Before, companies had to shell out millions of dollars just to advertise their products around the world.

Today, however, you can achieve global reach without spending thousands to millions of dollars.

In other words, social media has provided small business owners a way to make their message heard by millions of people around the world.

Despite the many good things about social media, there are also things that people hate about it.


They’re fun and interesting. But people taking selfies while they are in the middle of a natural disaster? It is no fun at all.

Selfies make it easy for us to take a snapshot. With it, you do not need to ask someone to take a picture of you while you are in an awesome place and brag about it.

But, most of the time, selfies are considered as narcissistic.


It is now easier to rant. But it is also easy to make personal attacks of someone’s character that may start a war between you and your best friend or colleague.


Trolls and pranksters make social media less productive and enjoyable. People behave differently when their true identity is hidden.


Our society has gone through different changes in recent years. And they have been affected by social media. It offers us a different way to engage with people. But it comes with pros and cons.

Over to you. Did social media change your life for the better or worse? Do you think our world is better off with social networking sites?

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Author: Jane Danes

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