How Social Media Can Grow a Brand Beyond Followers

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How Social Media Can Grow a Brand Beyond Followers

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Social media is one of the most popular marketing channels for online brands. This is because most consumers are on social media right now, and may be influenced by what they read there. 

If you’ve been using social media to advertise for a while now, you have a large follower base, but aren’t sure what other benefits you could get from your platform.

These are some of the biggest overlooked benefits of social media marketing for brand-building — beyond just a follower count.

1. Humanize Your Brand

Businesses of any size can struggle with an impersonal-feeling brand. Customers can’t connect with your messaging and, even if they like your products, don’t really see your business as very open or warm.

Social media can help you show off . It gives you an opportunity to show off your brand’s unique character and demonstrate brand values in a way that may be difficult with other marketing methods. Dropping the formalities, adopting a relaxed posting style, and using humor can all help your brand feel a little less impersonal and easier to connect with.

2. Extend Customer Support and Reputation Management

Social media can be a valuable customer support channel. People often turn to social media when they have a problem with a business. They may post to their own page in frustration or directly communicate with a brand page if something has gone wrong.

Your social media representative or team can scan for comments related to your brand and look for direct messages that ask for help. They can then reach out to the user and put them in touch with your customer service team — helping you solve a problem your team might not have learned about otherwise.

This strategy can help any brand build a more positive image and demonstrate its commitment to customer service.

Social media can also help with reputation management in a similar way. Your social media team can use its platforms to engage with feedback and reach out to customers who are discussing your brand.

3. Reach New Audiences for Brand Content

Content marketing can be a powerful brand-building tool. Effective content that’s informative, relevant, and engaging can establish your brand as a thought leader, or at least help show off your team’s knowledge and expertise.

If you have a large following on social media, you can use your social media platforms to spread your brand’s content. This can help drive significant amounts of traffic to your content and website, helping you reach audiences that you may not have earned through search alone.

4. Gather Customer Feedback

Your social media listening strategy can also be a great way to gather feedback. When customers share how they feel about your brand, they’re offering information that can be difficult to gather, even with extensive email surveys and other outreach efforts.

Recording how customers talk about your brand on social media can tell you if your brand strategy is working and provide you with hints about how you can make your branding even more effective.

5. Sell to New Customers

You can also use your social media platform as part of your sales strategy. This is an approach called social selling — the use of to customers you may not be able to reach with other advertising and sales channels.

Social selling is a more active approach than social marketing. With social selling, you use your platform to reach out directly to prospective customers and sell them on your product. Social listening tools and built-in analytics help you and your team to identify prospects.

The approach can help you discover new audiences and convert customers you may not be able to reach with your current sales approach.

6. Curate User-Generated Content

Users generate massive amounts of content related to their favorite brands. They may shout out a business in a post relevant to one of that business’s products or share a story related to the brand’s services.

If you can find this content, sharing it on your social media pages is a great way to build your brand.

Social listening can help you to find these posts. Searching through hashtags related to your brand or even starting a hashtag of your own can also help you find shareworthy user-generated content.

7. Keep Customers Updated

For your followers, social media pages are a valuable source of information about your brand. You can use your social media pages to communicate the latest news about your business, keeping customers in the know while also strengthening brand awareness.

Business updates can also give you a chance to frame news about your business, allowing you to connect news with your brand values.

8. Observe the Competition

Social media can also be a valuable market research tool. If your competition is on social media, inspecting their profiles and social media strategy can show you what competitors are using social media for.

Following these profiles can also keep you updated on the moves your competition is making and possible industry trends you’ll need to look out for.

Getting the Most Out of Social Media for Your Brand

Investing in social media can provide some serious benefits for any brand. All social media platforms provide brands with the opportunity to humanize their online presence, reach new audiences and learn more about what people are saying right now.

For brands wanting to get better at market research or demonstrate their commitment to certain values, social media can be an essential tool.

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