How Much Does the Highest-Paid Social Media Influencer Make?

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Social media influencer marketing is no doubt a vital part of any marketing campaign. It increases brand awareness and reaches more consumers. 

Who is the Highest Paid Social Media Influencer? 

Although social media influencers can be anyone, the richest influencers are celebrities. It means that they are already popular before they became an influencer. 

Currently, the highest-paid social media influencer is Cristiano Ronaldo. He didn’t become popular through social media. Everyone knows this Portuguese football player.

Recently, he has reached 500 million followers. He has broken the record to become the first person to reach a milestone. Even though his recent interview with Piers Morgan received heavy criticism, he still gained more followers. 

How much does he earn? 

According to this report, Cristiano earns an estimated $2M per Instagram post considering that he is the most followed person on the popular platform. 

Next to Cristiano is Lionel Messi. He’s also an Instagram star with more than 300 M followers. He earns roughly $1M per publication. Because of his iconic person, he can earn millions just by promoting sportswear. 

If you’re looking to monetize your social media presence, it can be challenging to reach the same milestone as Cristiano and Lionel. However, it’s possible. 

You can make money through sponsored posts, brand partnerships, and affiliate marketing, among others. 

If you’re a brand, you can use social media influencers to promote your company or products. In today’s digital world, social content creators are your best bet to offer value to your brands. 

US marketers are using a form of influencer marketing as part of their marketing mix. This report showed that 11% of millennials had purchased something because the influencer they followed recommended it. 

Currently, the most popular platform for social media influencers is Instagram. Most marketers will use it for their campaigns next year. But they’ll also use TikTok. 

If you wish to use influencer marketing, you must find the right people in your niche. You may use an influencer marketplace to help you find the right influencer in your industry. 

Choose a tool that lets you filter influencers based on engagement and follower count. 

This kind of marketing campaign won’t be a success without defining your goal. In the early stages of your collaboration with an influencer, you should be clear about your desired outcome. 

It will help you determine whether or not the campaign is a success or a flop. 

Your goal can be brand awareness, engagement, lead generation, or sales. It can also be used for customer loyalty or link building. 

Although it’s good to hire Cristiano Ronaldo as your influencer, you need to shell out $2M to make him promote your brand. 

If that’s not possible for you, choose to leverage micro-influencers. They are young and tech-savvy. They don’t demand high fees but they can promote your brand to a more diverse audience. 

Or you can just use your employees as your influencer. They, too, can improve your brand’s performance.

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