How Much Do You Know About Facebook?

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Whether you love or loathe Facebook, there’s no exact way to get away from it. Its influence is huge enough that you can see it in every corner of the Internet. It may be banned in China but in the US, 30 percent of American adults are getting their news from this social networking site.

How Much Do You Know About Facebook?

How Much Do You Know About Facebook?

Facebook has an interesting history. You have probably known some of its facts by watching “The Social Network.” But here are some amazing facts that could somehow prove how extraordinary the social networking site really is.

Al Pacino’s Role in the First Facebook’s Logo

In 2004, when the first logo of Facebook came out, every user of the site was wondering who the mysterious face was. Was it even a real person?

Well, it was. It was none other than Al Pacino. The logo used an image of the actor that the designer found online. Instead of just posting the actor’s face, he covered it with fog of ones and zeros, which are considered as the elementary components of digital media.

First Investor to Support Facebook

Did you know that the co-founder of PayPal was the first major investor to support Facebook’s goal? Peter Thiel saw the potential of the networking site. Thus, he invested $500,000 in the young company, more than 12 years ago.

When the social networking site went public, Thiel held his investment funds for 44 million shares. For a certain period, Facebook required its early shareholders to hold on to their remaining stock. The said period ended in 2012. Thiel took advantage of it and sold off his 20 million shares that were worth $395.8 million with a total cash-out of over $1 billion.

Awesome Button

During its first launch in 2004, the most popular “like” button of Facebook was used to be an “awesome” button. But in 2007, it was vetoed by the founder himself. Then, the site decided to stick with like button.

At that time, the decision was met with a lukewarm reception among designers of the site. Now, it’s been revamped and it will roll out Reactions, which is a set of emojis that will feature different reactions to provide a more human reaction to a certain post.

2 Million Active Advertisers

There are different avenues to market your brand. But Facebook remains to be the most popular and offers the most cost-effective advertisement solutions for various companies. Currently, it has more than two million active advertisers. This trend is likely to continue, whether you like it or not. There’s something about the site that makes people keep coming back even though they’ve promised not to in the past.

$5.85 per Facebook User

In the US and Canada, the social networking site earns $5.85 on average for every Facebook user. Compared with other countries in the world, these two nations have the highest monthly active users. This makes them a vital market for the site.

40% Engagement

If you wish to receive more engagement on Facebook for your social media campaign, you should post twice a day. It shows that you can’t use force to make your brand heard. And posts that are published between 10 and 11 in the evening EST will receive 88 percent more interactions than those posts published at other times of the day.

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