How modern plastic technology is influencing the consumers

Plastic – When you hear this word, it might conjure up  something that never deteriorates, is ultra durable, and comes in so many different shapes and sizes. Thanks to the advancements made in the plastic technology, more and more recycling-friendly plastic products are produced today. And not only that, plastic also contributes towards producing renewable energy via wind turbines and solar cells as many plastic components are used in the construction of wind turbines and solar cells.

Nanotechnology is another innovative field which has tremendous potential to transform the way plastic is viewed and used currently. Many research organizations and companies are working to develop nanotubes and nanocomposites for a variety of industries including energy, contruction, automotive, aerospace and defense. Reseach is also underway on exploring the idea of nanotechnology promoting the biodegradation of plastics. If biodegradable plastics can be produced in future, that indeed will be a game changer since one of the challenges with plastic is its non biodegrable nature.

Another interesting aspect of Nanotechnology’s application to plastic is “upcycling”. Plastic bags can be readily converted into carbon nanotubes and furthermore, the nanotubes to make lithium-ion batteries. Since plastic can be both, upcycled and recycled, it promotes its use even for the environment conscious consumers.

The cutting edge plastic technology has helped plastic evolve as a versatile product not only for advanced applications but also for common daily use. The “Piedmont Plastics” team, pioneers in developing ,  has created an interesting infographic illustrating how versatile plastic can be for multiple boat related uses. Read on to learn more about plastic applications for boat contruction, repairs, and more…

How modern plastic technology is influencing the consumers




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