How Lead and Sales Tracking Can Help with Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

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How Lead and Sales Tracking Can Help with Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

How Lead and Sales Tracking Can Help with Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

Source – Forbes

Social media is a powerful tool that companies can use to increase awareness about a product, service, or brand. Social media marketing campaigns need to be focused and have measurable outcomes that are based on reliable data, which is where it becomes important for both sales and marketing to work hand-in-hand.

While marketers are the ones responsible for attracting leads, salespeople are the ones who capture the leads and push them through the sales cycle. For this reason, it’s essential that sales and marketing are always in constant communication – sharing vital data that can offer insight into the success of a company’s lead campaign efforts.

Lead and Sales Tracking

Once a lead is handed over to sales, a salesperson is responsible for forming a strong relationship with the lead – getting to know their wants, needs, and pain points. They need to offer a personalized experience that encourages the lead to complete the customer journey.

The success of those efforts, as well as the data gained while interacting with leads, is important information for both sales and marketing. Sales and lead tracking software provides sales teams with a way to easily obtain that can be shared with marketing. With this information, ROI on lead channels and inbound marketing efforts can be measured by both teams so that improvements can be made.

With increased visibility comes greater control. Lead tracking software makes it easier to make revenue-generating decisions based on real-time analytics. By utilizing this software, sales managers can:

  • Monitor individual sales rep performance and provide additional coaching and/or training when needed.
  • Use a call-activity dashboard to monitor sales call activity metrics.
  • Identify trends for better control over the sales process.
  • Generate custom reports to analyze lead campaigns and sales rep performance.
  • Query data by filtering and segmenting data by any field for targeted sales and marketing campaigns.
  • Create lead scores by establishing key data points in the system, allowing for a more predictable sales funnel.
  • Manage multiple contacts within an organization, all from a single dashboard.
  • Create custom fields that can be used in reporting, data segmentation, and merged into scripts for easy data collection.

With this technology, sales can communicate insights with marketing that can help them vastly improve their social media marketing campaigns.

Tips for Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Identifying your audience, as well as their wants and needs, is an important beginning for any campaign. It helps you create targeted content that attracts their attention at a personal level. You will also be more successful if you encourage your audience to engage with your content. This can be accomplished by asking a question and inviting a response, or even by creating a contest that motivates them to enter and participate.

By working together, sales and marketing can use vital data to create a truly unique experience that engages their audience and generates more leads. As long as the two teams continue to utilize sales software, they will successfully be able to adapt and evolve to the constantly changing needs of their customers.

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