How JotForm mobile forms makes data collection easy

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How JotForm mobile forms makes data collection easy

When it comes to online data collection services, there are a vast number of paid as well as free options that a business can use. Most of these come in the form of websites that have a database on the backend, and while they are perfectly fine for collecting customer information, they fall a little short if you want to use them for lead generation.

This is why today’s product review is special. We have on our hands a new app from JotForm — .

As the name implies, the focus is on mobile-based data collection. A couple of key features caught our eye, and we think they will be very useful for collecting data from your existing customer base as well as increasing your chances of converting a potential visitor into a customer.

1) Customer notifications

Surveys across the world have shown that potential online shoppers are more likely to become paying customers if their queries are answered quickly and efficiently. This is why many businesses have a dedicated team of customer service representatives who respond to all queries from their business form. However, this is a huge undertaking and may not be feasible for a startup or a small business where a single person has to take on multiple roles.

This is where the magic of JotForm Mobile Forms comes into play. The app allows you to customize notifications so that you receive alerts whenever a customer fills out your form. You can respond to an alert instantly from any mobile device.

You no longer have to keep a dedicated customer service person glued to a screen, monitoring every response to your form. Instead, you can install the JotForm Mobile Forms app and respond directly to your customer just seconds after they fill out your form.

Today, fast responses and quick customer service are the best way to increase your customer satisfaction rates.

2) Sharing across platforms

How JotForm mobile forms makes data collection easy

The JotForm Mobile Forms app is available for iPhone as well as Android. The best thing is that the data you collect syncs directly to the cloud, which means you can take a look at all of your customer feedback at a glance, no matter where you are in the world or what device you are using to access the internet. This is particularly useful for business owners or managers who can assign forms to certain people and make quick data-centric decisions based on customer responses.

While these two features of the JotForm Mobile Forms app stood out to us, there are several other interesting tidbits that might be more relevant to your situation. The app has extensive data-collection capabilities such as the form respondents can add images and voice recordings to their responses. They can also add geolocation info. and even scan barcodes, making customer feedback more robust and complete.

If all of that sounds appealing to you, make sure to download the free data collection tool on Android and iOS devices. You can be one of the first people to get your hands on an app that is set to turn the mobile data collection industry on its head!

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