How innovative technology is used in live casinos

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How innovative technology is used in live casinos

Online casinos have been on the rise over the last decade or two. But live casinos are a relatively new way of gambling on the web. What makes live casinos different and exciting compared to run-of-the-mill online casinos is that the games are run in real-time by an actual human dealer. That means you cannot only interact with games in the same way as you would at a traditional bricks-and-mortar venue. You can also use live chat to ask the dealer questions if you need assistance.

Live casinos use Optical Character Recognition software to make the games feel real. And the results of the games are determined by a human being rather than an automaton. Let’s take a closer look at the technology that live casinos use.

How innovative technology is used by live casinos

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The monitor is an essential part of the technology that is used by dealers. A monitor allows dealers to see the online players, keep track of the bets being placed and closed, and act as required.

Smart Cards

Smart cards are used to track every action a dealer at a live casino makes. Although the dealers that are used by sites like undergo thorough training to ensure they know every rule of the games they deal, smart cards make sure that all dealers are doing their jobs properly, and there are no disputes or problems.

A Game Control Unit

This is one of the most crucial parts of a live casino. Every table has a Game Control Unit attached. The device is about the same size as a shoebox. It is responsible for encoding the video that is broadcast online, and it helps the dealer to run games. Live gaming would not be possible without a GCU.


For live casino games to be streamed in real-time, cameras are a vital component. Small but powerful cameras are used to recreate a real-world casino experience. For example, a roulette table at a live casino usually has three separate cameras to give shots of the table, the roulette wheel, and the picture display.

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Technology

This technology is perhaps the most important part of live casinos. OCR technology is integrated into a live casino to record every tiny detail in the gaming room. OCR also enables the live casino to be streamed to players via a video link. OCR transforms every piece of meaningful data in an electric format to capture every action, such as the spinning of the roulette wheel, the shuffling of the cards, and the dealing of the cards. OCR tech makes the live casino experience seem very similar to that of traditional brick-and-mortar casinos.

Putting it All Together

Depending on the game you select to play at a live casino, the process of how technology is used could slightly differ. But in general, the live casino process would go like this. If you decide to play roulette, the first thing that happens is the dealer is filmed. The software then transforms that image to be compatible with your specific live stream and interactive interface. The generated data then becomes available to all participants of the roulette game as the server transmits the data. Players can then place their bets, and the live casino’s software processes the information. Once the dealer calls “no more bets,” the betting buttons become inactive. The human dealer then spins the wheel, and the cameras capture the results. All players see the results in seconds, and players who win and lose are displayed on-screen.

The Future of Live Casino Technology

New technologies are evolving at a quick pace, so you can expect to see live casinos become even more enhanced and lifelike in the coming years. One tech that looks set to revolutionize live casinos is virtual reality. Companies are currently experimenting with this tech and coming up with innovations. With virtual reality, you could be transported to the middle of the casino, and feel like you are in a real-life gambling establishment. You will be able to get closer to the action and interact with dealers and games like never before.

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