How Influencer Marketing Complements Social Media

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Image by Rafael Peñaloza (CC-BY-NC-SA-2.0)

Influencer marketing thru social media is one of the best strategies to build presence online quickly. A single post from an influencer reaches 10 times more people than your own content. It complements any social media strategy and covers other online platforms such as forums and blogs.

Influencers allow you to use their existing targeted audience, make your client’s look good and extend their reach and visibility without breaking the bank.

Here’s how:

1. Take advantage of an influencer’s loyal followers

While you can easily tap into your influencer’s audience, you have to build your own following and also be an influencer. The more you lean on a highly engaged audience, the easier for you to market clients.

Influencers have existing audiences that they built over time. If they have noncommittal, inconsistent followers, you cannot call them influencers. When you work with them, you work with their audience.

Eventually, you save time by relying on their network, as you bypass the effort of building your own from scratch. If you are inconsistently reaching the same number of followers, influencers allow you to fish in a bigger pond.

2. Influencer marketing make clients look good

As a marketer, you have to realize the importance of influencers. Why people follow them? What’s so special about them? These folks may be thought leaders, trendsetters or role models.

Some traits and character of these influencers will rub off on your client. The client will feel like they are an extension of their popularity. It carries a positive vibe and outlook for the company.

Influencers also authenticates your campaign on social media. Most online users ignore conventional ads. Influencer marketing breaks through their walls. Netizens want to hear the opinions of people they follow. When influencers praise your clients, they are vulnerable to targeted advertising.

3. Free services are at stake

Influencers on social media offer cost-effective solutions to your marketing needs. While the market has yet to determine their value and full potential, new influencers sprout every day.

Most times price is not an issue, as these people often give free services. In exchange, your client may have something valuable to offer. It may come as a free product or service or better exposure.

Another form of marketing called Share 4 Share involves reciprocation. You share something in exchange for theirs. It helps you reach new audiences at the price almost nothing.

Deliberate and choose wisely

You are not looking for a client’s influencers by relying on the follower count alone. You have to consider what suits their brand and what will start a chain reaction for social users to purchase.

Allot time and special attention in learning an influencer’s audience. A large following of inactive social users or followers belonging to another industry will not fare well for your client.

Influencer marketing involves those people who actively share content within your client’s niche. Their followers are those types that would follow through with a purchase decision of your client’s products or services.

If you want to build a client’s reach online, you have to reach the right people on social media.


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Author: Francis Rey

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