How Do Cybercriminals Hack Your Password?

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How Do Cybercriminals Hack Your Password?

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The ultimate goal of most petty hackers is to steal your money. If they break into your bank accounts, PayPal, or investment pages, they can do some severe financial damage. Likewise, if they break into the email account associated with your monetary accounts, they can take control of your critical passwords.

Weak Cryptography

It’s essential for you to avoid weak passwords like “123456”, “qwerty123”, “abcdefg”, date of births, and passwords with common words, because such passwords are easily guessable. Even the 45th president of the United States lost control of his Twitter account when an ethical hacker correctly guessed that his password was “maga2020!”

Hackers can also try dictionary attacks, which usually use an exhaustive list of words to guess your password. However, dictionary attacks can also be tailormade by hackers to suit their targets. Avoid oversharing information publicly on social media because hackers can use your data for more effective online attacks.

Brute Force Attacks

A brute force attack is a type of exhaustive cyberattack that uses a program to attempt different logins with combinations of random letters and numbers until the password is guessed. To protect yourself from brute force attacks, set a long password that features upper case letters, lower case letters, numbers, and symbols.

If you can’t keep track of your list of complex passwords, then take advantage of a highly rated password manager. Remember, many modern web browsers also feature password managers. You just have to remember your master password to avoid complications.


Spyware is particularly dangerous because it hides in your computer, records your information, takes screenshots etc. for cybercriminals. While cybercriminals can use the information, they steal with spyware for various purposes, such as blackmail or doxing, they can also use it to breach your password.

To protect yourself from all types of malware, you need the best antivirus software from a renowned cybersecurity company. For example, utilizes complex AI-based technology to shield you from all types of malware attacks, including spyware.

A keylogger is a less advanced type of spyware that records your keystrokes and transmits them to people with criminal intent. Good cybersecurity software, such as the one from Malwarebytes, can protect you from a software keylogger. However, a hardware keylogger may need a forensic examination.

To avoid such keyloggers, don’t share your devices with strangers and don’t accept computer hardware gifts like USB devices, keyboards, and mice from potential hackers or stalkers as they may be keyloggers in disguise.

Phishing Expeditions

Never share your passwords with anyone, even if they appear to be trustworthy. Hackers are known to send out fraudulent emails designed to look like they’re from your financial institution that ask for your password or other sensitive information because of a fake ’emergency.’

Likewise, a fake email could carry a malware infection or a malicious link. If you receive any suspicious email or text message, try to verify it immediately. It’s also best practice to enter the URL yourself rather than click a link on an email.

Although hackers have many ways to breach your passwords, you can stay one step ahead with some common sense and the best cybersecurity tools.

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