How businesses and websites can benefit from the new Twitter Dashboard

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As you may have heard, Twitter launched a new Dashboard app to assist small businesses with managing their content. The app is not the first of its kind, as there are loads of third-party apps being used by businesses and content marketers to engage their target audience on the microblogging platform. In a nutshell, the microblogging platform wants to encourage business owners, websites, blogs, and content marketers to interact more with their followers. How does the new app help businesses and websites to grow? How do you as a business owner or marketer get the most out of every tweet you post? We have answers to how businesses and websites can benefit from the new Twitter Dashboard.

Twitter Dashboard explained in very few words

The new app from Twitter is designed to help businesses connect with customers in more effective ways straight from their timeline. In a nutshell, it simplifies and speeds up the process of responding quickly to mentions.

Starting with the new Twitter Dashboard

The best part of this new monitoring tool is that it provides you access to reliable and first-hand information straight from the source. Once you click on the link that takes you straight to the Dashboard, you are presented with a set-up process. On this page, you will be required to choose your type of business, including the number of employees you have. Twitter then takes you from one step to the other until you are set and ready to go; but be sure to provide the right information. Please note that the mentions are aimed at helping you ‘react in a positive way’ to customers.

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How businesses and websites can benefit from the new Twitter Dashboard

Taking a look at the features, your business or website can achieve its potentials within a short time if well utilized. Let’s start with the new ‘tweet schedule feature.’

Giving that Twitter is a global community with millions of people tweeting at different times and from different time zones, scheduling tweets to go on live at the right time is vital. Even if all your targets are based in the US, scheduling tweets to reach the right people at a particular time of the day is also very important. To this end, a new option has been added to the ‘Create’ button—you can now schedule tweets. Tweets can be scheduled on highly engaging time and date to suit your marketing strategy. You want to be able to monitor and analyze how customers respond to your tweets at a particular date and time because this helps your business plan ahead. As a website owner, this helps you to know the right keywords to include in your next article.

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A summarized analytical board is now a part of the new Dashboard. This option simply indicates that you can easily glance tweets, media tweets, replies, mentions, new followers, profile visits, tweet impressions, retweets, and views. Perhaps, not as insightful as some website owners or businesses might require, the truth is that it prompts you to make quick business decisions. The information on the summarized analytical board is short, but rich enough to enable you tweak or retain current promotional or marketing strategies.

A new ‘Your Tweet’ button has been added, probably to help businesses refer to previous tweets and respond appropriately. In business, every customer is as important as the other. A returning customer is also as important as a new one. Your Tweet button keeps track of your sent tweets, enabling you to refer to them when the need arises. This is also good for assessing your marketing strategies and reinventing old ideas to suit future tweets.

Things are shaping up fast and thick on the business front these days, and the new Twitter Dashboard can help you get or stay on track.

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