How Behavioral Science and AI Help You Locate Suitable Workers

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How Behavioral Science and AI Help You Locate Suitable Workers

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There are technologies available now that can help you find workers for your business in unorthodox ways. This tech might seem a bit intimidating at first, but once you come to learn about it, you’ll quickly realize how it can revolutionize your talent searches. You want to find the best workers to install in various positions within your company, and this is a way you can do that.

For instance, there are companies that boast about using behavioral science and the latest AI technology to power their tools. Maybe you’ve heard of those terms in passing, but you might not be clear on exactly what they are. You also might not completely understand how these companies use them to power their software suites.

We’ll explore both concepts in a little more detail right now.

Behavioral Science

If you contact a company focused on , they might mention behavioral science as part of what’s powering the tools they use. These types of tools generally come in the form of software that you present to candidates who interview for open positions within your company.

The software compiles question lists. When the candidate answers them, the results will give you a much better idea of whether this individual will be a good fit for your business.

These questionnaires give you a much more accurate picture of what this person can do versus the traditional written resume and a formal interview. You can even tell whether this candidate might be a better fit for a different company position that you have open rather than the one for which they are applying.

You can have your existing employees take the questionnaire as well. By doing so, you can tell whether there are other things they can do for your company besides the work you are already giving them.

As for behavioral science, it’s one of the foundations upon which the creators base this software. It is a science branch that studies an organism’s cognitive processes. It also looks at how the organism reacts when encountering various situations and entities within the natural world.

How Can Behavioral Science Help This New Technology?

Let’s say you have a company that wants to create software you can use to find better and more qualified job candidates. If that’s true, it makes sense they would use behavioral science to develop the right questions to ask during the initial interview process.

Behavioral science studies and predicts how humans will react in different situations. What could be more helpful in determining whether an individual would be a good fit for your company?

What About AI Technology?

AI, of course, means artificial intelligence. You might know a bit about it already. AI indicates that a machine is demonstrating intelligence rather than a human or animal doing it.

You may also know that AI has all kinds of uses, and we have only scratched the surface of what it can do. In the context of software creation that can help you find better job candidates and match them to the proper position within your company, if you pair AI with a strong behavioral science foundation, you get the best attributes of both.

In other words, if you imbue basic artificial intelligence with behavioral science fundamentals, you get software that can predict with pinpoint accuracy what a person is capable of in a workplace setting. That means you can use the software as a near-perfect assessment tool if you’re not sure about a candidate based on their resume and employment background.

Is This Software Worth It?

As more companies start to utilize this software, they see how useful it truly is. For a nominal cost, you can streamline your interview and onboarding processes.

This software helps your company from another perspective, though. Setting aside the remarkable technology that it utilizes, if you start to implement it during the hiring process, it eliminates any bias you might have, either consciously or subconsciously.

This often means you get a more diverse talent pool working for you. The software has no bias based on sexuality, religion, gender, age, or any other factor.

If you want a company of qualified individuals that is also extremely diverse, this is the way you do that. Your business can grow exponentially if you have the best possible candidates working for you. You’ll also get perspectives from many different people working harmoniously, and that makes you an ethical company as well.

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