The Highest-Paid YouTuber Earns $29.5m – Who is He? 

YouTube can be a money-maker if you know how to do it right. 

Many YouTubers are earning thousands to millions of dollars a year. Forbes released its top 10 YouTubers who raked more than $200 million from 2019 to 2020. It’s a 30% increasing from 2019. 

At the start of the pandemic, YouTube experienced a reduction in advertising revenue. Eventually, it bounced allowing creators to earn a significant amount of money from brand deals. 

Among the top 10 YouTubers, who earned the most? 

Ryan Kaji 

He’s only nine years old but he earned $29m in just one year through YouTube. He reviews toys and games. 

But it’s not the first time he ranked number 1, though. For the third year, he made it to the top. 

Ryan started his Ryan’s World channel in March 2015. Currently, he has 41.7 million subscribers and 12.2 billion views. His most popular video has over 2 billion videos. It’s one of the 60 most-views YT videos. 

Macy featured him in its Thanksgiving Day Parade making him the first YouTuber to appear in this annual event. 

But most of his earnings come from licensing deals for over 5,000 products. 

US Federal Trade Commission 

Kaji and his family face US FTC inquiry because they didn’t disclose properly the videos’ sponsors. 

A complaint stated that 9% of Ryan’s videos included one paid product recommendation for preschoolers. This age group couldn’t yet distinguish between an actual review and a commercial. 

Experts stated that child influencers target kids in ways that parents aren’t aware of. 

Companies are courting Ryan to review and play with toys so other kids can see them. Since kids can easily access YouTube, they can watch Ryan’s videos and want the things that Ryan has. 

They want to have a family like Ryan’s. That is, they open a new toy every day and play with it every day. 

A Six-Year-Old Millionaire 

Kaji isn’t the only young YouTuber who earned millions of dollars from 2019 to 2020. 

Nastya, a six-year-old kid from Russia earns $18.5 million with 39 billion views. She also gathered 190.6 million subscribers on her Nastya channel. 

Her channel features her and her father doing chores, playing with legos, etc. Because of colorful videos, they became popular globally. 

She’s also a popular kid on TikTok. Currently, she has 3 million followers (and counting). Next year, she’ll launch her licensing program. 

Physical and Sexual Violence

Another YT star who made it to the list of Forbe’s top 10 is Jeffree Star. He gathered 16.9 million followers and earned approximately $15 million. 

But was the subject of an Insider’s investigation about the allegations of sexual violence. However, his attorney denied them. 

In the documents, they revealed that an executive of Jeffree Star Cosmetics paid one of his accusers nearly $50,000. It happened days after he withdrew his accusations of sexual assault. 

Want to be a YouTuber Millionaire too? 

Well, it’s still possible as long as you know the proper strategy to double the amount of money you make.

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