Here Are The Top 10 Most Annoying Social Media Behaviors

The social media landscape, like the world it so desperately tries to mirror, is rife with things that annoy us.

Though we’ve known these things annoy us all along, it’s somewhat great to know that it’s not only us who find the things listed below as irritating.

The list was compiled by, a U.K.-based web retailer of all things related to fitness, which surveyed 1,793 Britons who use social media.

Having said that, it’s not surprising that the number 1 behavior on the list sits on top. It may not be number 1 for you but the things on this list of annoying social media behaviors are pretty, well, annoying.

Here they are:

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1. Boasting about your diet and exercise. Yes, we know you’re buff and lead a healthy lifestyle. We often wish we could do the same things you do and be as fit as you are. But when all your status updates or tweets are about how great your session at the gym went or how much weight you lost in the past week, it isn’t great. Maybe you could tell us other things about your life?

2. Sharing photos of every food you eat. Sure, that Galantine you just ate must have been an experience. You can marvel at how the chef at a restaurant prepared your Consommé. We’ll cheer for you when you cook your first ever steak. However, when you post photos of every food you put in your mouth, it’s too much.

3. Posting cryptic status updates . We’re your friends on Facebook for a reason. When you post a mysterious message about how your day isn’t going the way you want it to at all, we ask what it is about. Don’t post something unless you don’t want to talk about it. If you’re worried about privacy, message or call.

4. Flooding your friends with game requests. Some of us love playing games through our social networking account. Some of us don’t. However, what we particularly don’t like is people who barrage us with game requests, especially if we don’t play that game. Take a hint. If we’re not responding to a couple requests you sent, we’re not interested so stop sending those requests our way.

5. Being overly-proud parents. It’s understandable that you are proud of your kid. We’d probably be proud of him or her too if you didn’t post about mundane things about him or her each and every time. Learn to tone it down a bit.

6. Sharing every detail about your personal life. We don’t need to know that you’re in the bathroom or what that steak you ate last night looks like now. Unless we’re asking or if it’s really significant, you don’t need to post it on every social media account you have. There’s a time when issues you have are better discussed personally with people you consider your closest friends.

7. Regular check-ins at every place you go to. Much like number 6, you don’t need to tell the world where you are every minute of the day. “Hey, I’m at this restaurant now. It’s great. ” “Hey, you go there every day and check in. We know by now that during lunch, you’re there.”

8. Spamming people with invites to and information about events. Events are great, especially if they’re for a good cause. However, it may turn people off when all they see on their feeds is you promoting that event.

9. Commenting and liking everything posted by your connections. There’s this line between being active in social media and coming across as a stalker. One of the surefire ways to cross that line is to like, comment, favorite, retweet or repin each and every thing your friends post on their social media accounts.

10. Promoting yourself too much. Seriously, even if we would like to support you in your endeavors, don’t badger people. That will almost always likely turn people off. You want to succeed, don’t you?


The survey conducted by found that more than half of the 1,793 participants refrain from frequently using social media if their connections display the behaviors listed above.

Furthermore, these irritating behaviors on social media led 38 percent of the respondents to quit using their social networking accounts altogether.

“Whilst social media has given us a great way to keep in touch with friends, family and people of interest, it’s also given us another way to bombard people with things they just don’t care about,” says Managing Director Maz Darvish, the Telegraph reports.

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