Happy Birthday iPhone: A Look Back At This Revolutionary Phone

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Happy Birthday iPhone: A Look Back At This Revolutionary Phone

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When Apple released the version of iPhone, it has forever changed how we communicate. It placed the Internet at the most prominent place.

On June 29, 2007, the late Steve Jobs announced that he’d be introducing three revolutionary products. But he was just referring to a single device. He said that the first product was an iPod with a widescreen and touch controls. Second, he emphasized that it was a revolutionary phone. The third was a breakthrough Internet communicator.

The first iPhone didn’t live up to it being an Internet communicator because Internet data was slow and limited to the Edge network. Furthermore, users couldn’t take advantage of third-party apps.

At that time, the iPhone was just a mere gorgeous mobile phone.

A Look-Back

The original iPhone was small and thick. It was like Apple Watch but larger. With its matte aluminum color, it gave the phone a classic look.

To update its software, you need to plug it into a Mac. That’s because iCloud syncing wasn’t available at the time.

Can you imagine an iPhone without an App Store? Well, the original iPhone had none. Users were stuck with those built-in apps. Later on, it was updated to iOS 3 and App Store was born.

As mentioned earlier, users of the original iPhone were stuck with 2G data. 3G connectively arrived until the phone’s second generation.

It could connect to Wi-Fi, but the connection was extremely slow. But at that time, loading the Internet on a mobile display seemed like magic.

There was no GPS. Although you could use Google Maps, it couldn’t perform turn-by-turn navigation as you drive. Of course, you couldn’t ask “Siri” for direction because Siri only arrived until iPhone 4s.

It had Bluetooth. However, if you try to connect it to your smartwatch, you couldn’t because its Bluetooth didn’t recognize smart accessories. The connection was used for audio mainly.

The screen was so small it only measured 3.5 inches. It was smaller than your credit card. Compared to the newer iPhones, the original one was washed out. Its design was less vibrant.

And the camera? It was basic. Plus, you couldn’t take videos. It also didn’t have features that let you zoom it and edit. Flash was also absent. At that time, selfies weren’t popular. So the original iPhone didn’t have a front-facing camera.

The on-screen keyboard is so tiny that it made typing difficult.

iPhone in 2017

The iPhones of today are like computers. Owners use it for everything. You can now sync with iCloud. Furthermore, peripherals exist for iPhone. You can connect your fitness trackers, Apple Watch, headphones and so on and so forth.

Somehow, the company managed to create an iPhone from hardware and software standpoint. As a result, the iPhone became the Internet communicator.

The iPhone wasn’t the only one that accomplished the said goal. Android smartphones were made accessible to millions of people worldwide. However, it was the iPhone that started it.

It was the first device that put the Internet on a mobile device. Before the iPhone and modern smartphones, it didn’t matter if you had an EDGE icon or not. What mattered most was that you had bars that let you text and call. Nowadays, if you can’t find an LTE in your iPhone, your phone would be a useless device.

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