Groupon app tracks users

Groupon notified its members this weekend that it has made changes to its privacy policy and terms of use to most importantly, let the Groupon Now app use geo-location data track users in order to, of course, make the app more useful.



groupon app geotracking

Groupon explained in its email to members that: “In short, if you use a Groupon mobile app and you allow sharing through your device, Groupon may collect Geo-location from the device and use it marketing deals to you (and for other purposes listed in the ‘How Groupon Uses Personal Information’ section of the Updated Privacy Statement”


The issue of tracking users with their phones has prompted sharp criticism recently especially with regard to the information collected and retained Google and Apple smartphones. Groupon is expected to launch its IPO in the near future, so this will continue to be an issue that is examined closely, and any changes made will be watched closely.


Groupon explained in its email to users that it has also expanded its definition of personal information to include habits and interests, and Groupon is now allowed to share this data with partners offering products, such as Expedia travel deals.

Author: David John Walker

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