Google’s Stack is a new app to help you scan and organise your documents

Google has a new app designed to help you scan and organise all your documents. “Stack” could be the answer to all your worries when it comes to setting things in the right order. The app which is currently only available in the US market, could be the smart answer to working digitally and saving you a lot of money and time.

What does Stack do?

Stack has a lot of good and useful features including the following:

  1. Stack makes it easy for you to access all your files. It looks out for important details in your files, which makes it easier to locate them.
  2. Stack automatically names and organises all your documents into useful categories.
  3. The app enables you to scan all your files using your phone. All your receipts are scanned into PDFs. It will also automatically crop and sharpen your documents.
  4. Stack is integrated into Google Drive, which means all your scanned files and documents are backed up.

Stack is currently only available on Android. You can install it using your personal Gmail account. Once you have installed it, you will be able to access documents saved on your Google Drive accounts, including Workplace accounts. 

Upon opening Stack for the first time, you will be presented with a series of icons each representing a variety of stacks, such as Bills, Banking, Receipts, IDs, Medical, House, and Started. However, you can click on the edit link at the top right to add from a list of stacks if you did not find any of the default ones. Some other stacks included in the link are ones that have to do with immigration, taxes, vehicles, and other categories. Any of these can be added to your top-level stacks.

When using your phone camera to scan a document on Stack, you will be able to preview it before saving it. The preview option allows you to adjust the color, crop it, and even rotate it should the need arise. 

Stack looks promising, but these are early days. A lot of work still needs to be done, and is already being done to keep it up there with similar apps in the same category. For now, it is only available in the US. 

Without a doubt, Stack is an app to keep an eye on. The potentials are there for everyone to see. Probably in a few months’ time we will come back and have a second look at the app and what has changed.

Author: Ola Ric

Ola Ric is a professional tech writer. He has written and provided tons of published articles for professionals and private individuals. He is also a social commentator and analyst, with relevant experience in the use of social media services.

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