Google’s OnHub Router – A Different Way to Wi-Fi

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Google wants to help every home With Wi-Fi that doesn’t suck.

Google’s OnHub Router – A Different Way to Wi-Fi

Google’s OnHub Router – A Different Way to Wi-Fi

According to Google’s official blog, the company has created a simple Wi-Fi router that can offer a new way to Wi-Fi. With it, there’s no need to worry about messy cords and blinking lights.

It’s specifically designed for home use with some internal antennas. Unlike the annoying blinking lights of a regular router, OnHub has subtle yet useful lighting.

You can leave it out in the open to perform at its best. No more hiding it away in your cabinet just to avoid obstructing your home décor.

Dealing with a wireless router can be horrible feeling. And Google understood it. Trond Wuelnner, the product manager of Google, said that people spent a lot of their time dealing with different types of problems with their Wi-Fi. Trond has been with the company for eight years working on Chromeboooks’ wireless connectivity.

OnHub is another project of Google in partnership with TP-Link, a popular router maker. But Google is making another device made by Asus. Its tentative price is $200 and it can make your Wi-Fi faster. It also promises to make it more reliable. Unlike other routers that you need to unplug and plug, you can update it to fix your connection.

The Design

One of the most striking things about this router is its overall design. As mentioned earlier, it’s not an average router. It doesn’t have prominent wires and antennas that poke out every side.

Instead, it’s made of a large cylindrical device. The blinking lights are on top. Its color is of the same as the Amazon Echo and the Airport Extreme router of Apple.

It’s actually gorgeous. It lets you remove its outer shell, which comes in blue or black. According to the product manager, more colors will be coming out soon to better suit your home décor.

Setting Up

The setup process is also easy. OnHub will search the airwaves. Then, chooses the best channel that can provide you with the fastest connection. With its unique antenna design and software, it automatically adjusts itself to avoid interference. That way, your network will be at its peak performance all the time.

With OnHub, you can prioritize a device. For instance, if you want your laptop 1 to get the most important activity, then you can program it to get the fastest speed.

Setting up and managing it can be easily done through a Google app compatible with iOS and Android. Router web-based management page is also accessible through  and . The app will let you know how much bandwidth certain device is using. You can also perform a network check. And if there’s a problem with the connection, the app will give suggestions on how to fix it.

What’s more is that it automatically installs updates. This means that it won’t interrupt your wireless connection.

The OnHub TP-Link router is available at $200 for pre-order online. You can purchase it from Google Store, Walmart and Amazon. You will have to wait for a few weeks before you can buy it from retail stores.

Would you get one? Why or why not? Share your thoughts with us.

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