Google’s Dark Web Report Feature Expanding to All Users

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Dark Web Report by Google 

Google will soon make its dark web report feature available to all users. It will start in late July 2024. This feature was exclusive to Google One subscribers. It scans the dark web for any leaked personal information, including phone numbers, physical addresses and email addresses. 

Thanks to Google’s decision, this feature will now become a part of Google’s REulsts about you page. In that case, you can start checking and requesting the removal of your personal information from Google’s search results. 

A Free Service 

The announcement was posted through its support page. It stated that the move’s goal is to provide a combined solution to assist users in protecting their online presence. As Google integrates this feature into the Results about you section, the company can offer a unified platform for its users to track and manage their personal information. 

Before, Google One subscribers had to pay at least $1.99 a month just to access this exclusive feature. With this new change, every user of Google, that is with Google account, can benefit from this feature sans the need to pay. 

What Does It Mean to Google One Subscribers? 

This is indeed a positive development for all Google users. However, it is a downside if you are a Google One subscriber. Keep in mind that this feature along with the VPN were introduced as some of the perks for subscribers. 

But Google will shut down its VPN service later this year. And the dark web monitoring will be free for all users. In that case, as a Google One subscriber, your value proposition has slightly diminished. 

One of the reasons many users subscribed to Google One is for additional storage for Google services, such as Gmail, Google Photos and Google Drive.

Even though this feature will soon be free to all, Google One subscribers can still get a lot of perks, like premium Google Meet video calling features. They can also share their storage with up to five people. Plus, they can use the enhanced appointment scheduling feature of Google Calendar. 

Google’s AI-powered features remain a compelling reason to signup for Google One or maintain your subscription. 

How Does the Dark Web Monitoring Work? 

This service scans the dark web for any personal information that leaks. The dark web is a part of the internet that search engines cannot insect. It can only be accessed through specialized browsers. Cybercriminals often used it to buy and sell stolen personal information. These would include names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses. 

Now, if this feature is live, all users can access it through the Results about you page on you can receive alerts if your personal information is found on that part of the internet. In that case, you can take necessary actions to protect yourself. For instance, you can change to freeze your credit reports or change your passwords. 

Google’s decision to make it available to all users provides an additional layer of security. It will help you stay informed about potential risks so you can take proactive steps to safeguard your personal information.

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