Google’s Client-Side Encryption for Gmail

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Google’s client-side encryption for Gmail is now in beta. 

Client-Side Encryption for Gmail Accessible to Some Customers 

This feature is only accessible to customers on Google Workspace Enterprise Plus. You can also use it if you’re a customer of Education Plus or Education Standard. 

Thus, this feature excludes personal Google accounts. And if you are using older G Suite Basic and Business plans, you won’t get the feature for now. 

In a blog post, Google said

“Google Workspace already uses the latest cryptographic standards to encrypt all data at rest and in transit between our facilities. Client-side encryption helps strengthen the confidentiality of your data while helping to address a broad range of data sovereignty and compliance needs.”

What’s Great About this Feature? 

End-to-end encryption ensures that your sensitive data can’t be read by anyone, other than the sender and receiver. The feature encrypts not just the content of the email but also the attachments. 

Encryption protects the data and strengthens the confidentiality of information

However, this feature is not available with multi-send mode, Smart Compose, summaries, Confidential mode, etc. 

Users can’t search the body of an encrypted message. It also restricts third-party add-ons from accessing the text. 

This feature is recommended for highly regulated industries, including financial institutions, defense, aerospace, etc. 

Encryption is an important security feature for emails as it helps protect sensitive information from being intercepted by unauthorized parties. 

It works by scrambling the contents of an email so that the only intended recipient can read it. By encrypting emails, you can be sure that the messages you send and receive are kept private. 

Additionally, encryption can help protect your data from being accessed by hackers and other malicious actors. In short, encryption is vital for emails because it provides an extra layer of security to ensure the confidentiality of your messages. 

It’s important to note that Gmail isn’t the only email service that offers encrypted Emil services. Gmail is a mainstream provider known for mishandling users’ data. If you are concerned that your emails are being watched, you may consider enabling this feature. Or you may use other email service providers. 

ProtonMail is a good encrypted email service. It has been created by scientists, engineers, and envelopers from CERN. The main goal of this service is to increase online security and privacy. 

However, this service has limited options. Although it’s offered for free, you can only receive 150 emails a day. If you receive more than 150 emails a day, consider a paid option. 

It’s the reason that Gmail is a popular choice for many. It is secure and provides many features that make it a great choice for emails. It’s also user-friendly with an intuitive user interface that makes setting up and managing emails a breeze. It also offers robust protection against hackers and other malicious actors. 

With the addition of this new feature, it can keep your data safe and secure. However, the CSE feature is only available to some customers. But who knows, Google may include it for most users.

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