Google will soon make Duo available on Android TV


Google Duo users will soon be able to make one-on-one video calls on Android TV, Google has announced. A beta version of the new functionality is due for release in the coming weeks. For users who do not have built-in camera, a USB camera would do just fine.

This is a part of Google’s wider plan of making its video calling app more popular and competitive in the market. Google Duo has really gained some grounds since launch, and the latest news will further boost its popularity.

The company, like many others in the market are giving video calls a push considering the fact that people work remotely these days. The pandemic has really changed a lot of things, and more and more people are embracing video calls.

A couple of months ago, Google Duo expanded the number of people who could participate in group call to 32. The update, however, was and is still only designed for the web version of the video calling app.

You and your friends can host a chat session on the app via desktop and still get same quality as what is obtainable on the app version. Actually, it was limited to just 12 participants, but things have evolved—the fact that people now work remotely or are forced to work from home because of the pandemic have changed a lot of things. The need for videoconferencing app has taken over how we do things; and people just cannot afford to stay without keeping in touch with one another.

The feature, however, requires that you sign in to your Duo with your Google Account—phone number not enough this time around. When signed in, simply tap “Create group” beneath the current “Start a call” button.

In the course of the last couple of months, Duo also added a Family mode. You can access it during a video call by simply tapping the three-dot button on the bottom right, then choosing Family in the pop-up banner. When switched on, Duo’s interface is quickly transformed into a kid-friendly version; this time with fewer options and less risk of drop calls.

Family mode lets you draw the screen in real time and apply what looks like Snapchat-like masks and effects on yourself. While you are in family mode, Duo will hide the buttons to mute and hang up. This will allow you to doodle and play around without the need to be bothered about accidentally dropping the call. That said, you will need to sign in to your Google Account before you will be able to use family mode on Duo.

Author: Ola Ric

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