Google upgrades search results in Gmail

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Google is upgrading how you get search results within its Gmail email service. The new update will make it easier to find a specific contact when you want to find a specific contact. In a blog post, Google said it is introducing “intent matching for names and email addresses,” as well as new “personalized suggestions” in Gmail.

Intent matching uses machine learning to help you find topis related to your search. This will enable Gmail to narrow down your search results and help you to find the precise information you are looking for—and this could be contact, email, or file.

Explaining how its new search update works with an example, Google said that Gmail will now display email addresses and first names that match your query before showing matching last names. This will be helpful if you are used to searching for contacts based on their first names. Previously, Google displayed last names that match your query over matching first names.

Google has also added new personalized suggestions that prioritize your search results based on how often you interact with someone. Going forward, when you conduct a search for someone’s email or name, you will see the contacts you exchange emails with the most over the ones you do not.

In 2021, Google brought back its huge Compose button on the desktop. This came after users complained about its initial removal. For months, we were without the button, which did not give us the kind of feel we wanted.

Google minimized the size of the Compose button on the web earlier in 2021. This did not go down well with most users, who called for it to be restored. Apparently, Google listened to their pleas.

Google said users found the older Compose button more “intuitive” than its pencil-lade replacement. The reason is an obvious one—a big bold Compose button sticks out amid loads of emails to be read.

Last year, Gmail for web welcomed some amazing changes—with Google turning it into a communication hub. Video calls, chat, and Google Docs functionalities are now in one place.

What that means is that Google Workspace is now available to everyone. The Gmail navigation has now been streamlined. Currently, what we have on the email service are Chat, Rooms, Mail, and Meet—and these are revealed when you expand the navigation drawer.

The navigation rail is like what we have in Photos—with round buttons for Mail, Chat, Spaces, and Meet. Once you tap into a view, a new drawer appears to the right of with familiar navigation.

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