Google to Host AI Event on February 8

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Google Hosting an Emergency Event 

Google is said to host an event that will talk about the power of AI. According to The Verge, Google will discuss how people search for using AI. In short, Google will soon unveil a clone of ChatGPT. It will be a 40-minute event and you can catch it live on YouTube on February 8.

During the earnings call, Alphabet’s CEO Sundar Pichai promised that people will soon interact directly with its most powerful language models along with Search in experimental ways. 

Earlier this year, Google declared a code red. Thanks to the rise of ChatGPT. The chatbot gained millions of users in just a week of introducing it. As a result, Google dragged its co-founders out of retirement to help code it. 

The company reportedly planned to introduce its AI tools during its I/O event. This event usually happens in May. But the company wants to get ahead of criticism behind OpenAI in the chatbot race. 

AI Technology 

Google has a lot of AI tools. But most of them are not available to the public. It has a LaMDA, which is a chatbot language but the production was halted because of this reason

The company also has Imagen. It’s an image-generation AI. 

OpenAI has these similar technologies and makes them available to the public. For instance, it introduced DAll-E and ChatGPT truly wowed its audience and earned the company a lot of attention. 

But Google keeps everything internal. It only talks about this kind of project in its blog posts and research papers. 

Google has Apprentice Bard, which uses LaMDA technology that enables people to inquire and receive answers similar to ChatGPT. It’s also experimenting with an alternate search page that could utilize a Q&A format. 

Unfortunately, Google sometimes overreacts to things on the Internet. Its clone competitor projects might just be placed in Google Graveyard. Remember Google+? The company introduced it when it realized that Facebook could be a threat to its search ad bottom line. 

Then, there was Amazon. At one point, it considered it the biggest search rival so it introduced Google Shopping Express, which also failed. 

ChatGPT is said to be Google’s search competitor. For one, it offers direct answers to questions without having to show ads to the users. 

Google already had an interface for direct answers. It is called Google Assistant. It was introduced as a chatbot. Unfortunately, the company couldn’t monetize it. 

It’s not clear how Google will monetize its so-called clone chatGPT. Monetization is vital for Google. It works when there’s a list of blue links to sort through. However, some people prefer to use ChatGPT because they find an answer to their inquiries immediately. But if Google would push this style of interface, it might hurt its profit. 

Microsoft, on the other hand, is bringing ChatGPT technology into Bing. It would allow its search engine to offer more intelligent results. It is something that Google can’t do. 

However, it is also possible that the event will just be about tools that people are already familiar with. 

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