Google to add web support, better audio and group calls to Duo

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Google is not letting the news of the departure of one of its experienced men hinder its plans for its video calling app Duo. With Fulay leaving the position of product head of Duo and Allo, Google is forging ahead with plans to make its Duo video calling app even better.

So, it turned out that a Twitter user curiously asked lead engineer at Google Justin Uberti whether Duo would get Chrome OS, web, group call support, and better audio quality features. The Twitter user got a positive response from Uberti—”yes” was the answer she gave in response to the question. That of course, means a lot of users can have their dreams come true.

With group calls and web support, Duo is on track, and will definitely be one app most people can look forward to when it comes to connecting with their loved ones.

For the record, Allo already has a web version. The messaging app not only works with your Chrome browser, versions for both Opera and Firefox have already been released.

On Monday, head of Google Allo and Duo Amit Fulay left his position to join social media giant Facebook. Amit left the Mountain View Callifornia-based search giant after spending the last seven and half years at the company.

Fulay made the announcement on Monday on his Twitter page. His Twitter bio has been updated to reflect his new position. His tweet reads:

“The last 7.5 years have been nothing short of amazing at Google. It was a privilege to help build Allo, Duo & Hangouts. Thanks to my amazing teammates who made the journey something I will cherish forever.”

Google is yet to announce a new head for two of its recent messaging and video apps—Allo and Duo. Fulay on his part, has already moved on as his latest tweet suggests. In a tweet confirming resumption at Facebook, Fulay said: “Today is my first day at Facebook – accepted their friend request. Excited about the opportunity to serve so many users.”

Fulay was in the thick of everything that happened to Allo and Duo between September 2016 until he left to take up his new appointment at Facebook. Facebook presents him with a new challenge—one that will further present him with a platform to show how much he has gained in terms of experience in the last seven and half years.

Google rolled out its AI-powered Allo chat app in September 2016. Since that time, the company has continued to add loads of cool new features to encourage more people to use the app. Last August, a web version of the app was released by the company—ending months of speculations over whether or not the tech giant was planning on adding a desktop version.

Much as this news excites a lot of users, it is important not to get too excited about it as it could take a couple of more weeks or even months before we get to see those new additions.

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Author: Ola Ric

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