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Android Separating Notification and Ringtone Volume 

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There is only one slider that controls ringtone and notification volume. But this can change in Android 13 or 14. 

Currently, the setup is found by visiting Settings and tapping Sound and Vibration. From there, you will find four sliders. These would include media volume, ring and notification volume, alarm volume, and call volume. 

Recently, 9to5Google spotted a command in Beta 1. It seems the company created one slider for ring volume and another for notification volume. 

When the company adds it to Android, it will expand the sliders on the page. In that case, you will find five sliders. You can set a lower, a higher, or an equal volume for your ringtone. For now, the company has not provided yet further details about the level of customization users can do with the said feature. 

When Will It Be Available? 

It may show up in the QPR3 release, which may happen on June 5. But many users think that grouping them in the first place was weird. Instead, Google must allow people to have a choice. 

Or you may simply want to mute your phone. There are a few scenarios where muting your smartphone is more appropriate. 

For instance, during meetings or classes, muting your mobile can help you avoid distracting others or being distracted by notifications while you’re supposed to be paying attention. And when you are in a movie theater, library or other public space where loud ringtones or notifications could be disruptive, muting your phone is courteous to others around you. 

Will this Upcoming Feature Improve Your Productivity? 

It will definitely improve user experience. And it may help improve your productivity. This is especially true if you do not want to hear incoming calls but you still prefer to hear other notifications. 

Muting may still be the answer if you wish to improve your productivity. It reduces distractions and interruptions from notifications, calls, and texts. You can create a more focused work environment and avoid the temptation to constantly check your phone. 

Distractions can be detrimental to your productivity. They can take your focus away from your work and make it difficult to regain your momentum. When you mute your phone, you can minimize disruptions that can pull you away from important tasks. It lets you stay more focused and productive. 

However, muting may not always be the best choice. You may miss important calls or messages that need your immediate attention. It may be better to put your phone on silent mode or “Do not disturb” mode. It lets you receive important calls and messages while still minimizing other distractions. 

The Do Not Disturb Mode of Android is similar to iOS. If it is on, your phone is silent. It mutes the sound, stops vibration, and blocks visual disturbances. You can choose what you block and what you allow. 

The upcoming change may not be that drastic. However, it will definitely improve user experience as you can soon change the ringtone and notification volumes separately. Even though it took two years for Google to recognize that this is an important feature, many users still thank the company for understanding its importance.

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