Google Search updated with tools to recommend interest-based events

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We knew a time would come when consumers would up their taste and providers would be left with no choice but to satisfy needs. We are beginning to see that happen these day as Google Search is stepping up moves to help users achieve their needs in the best possible way. The search giant has updated the way consumers discover events in Search by adding new features that can help them to personalize results. This will enable Google provide important information about events within users’ search results.

When you search on your phone for things like “events near me” or “free concert” in the U.S., you’ll not only find a list of events from a variety of sites, but also key information about the event, right on Search,” Product Manager, Google Search Emily Fifer said.

For those in the US, when next you search for an event and tap on it, Google will present an overview that shows details that include ticket, cost, venue reviews, time, and location. The new feature gives you the option of either saving events for later, or clicking through to buy tickets via various vendors that have signed up with Google including Ticketmaster and StubHub.


Google’s latest effort covers all types of events including, concerts, museum happenings, local festivals, and cooking classes. Among items that you can search for include, events near me, or free concert. To give you a broader view, however, a returned lists that contain different sites will be made available.

A ‘For You’ tab has now also been added by Google to help you get personalized ideas for things to do nearby. In addition, you will also be seeing trending and popular events in your local area to keep you abreast of latest happenings.


Despite being the most widely-used search service globally, Google continues to add features that keep it ahead of the chasing pack. Search was last March integrated into iMessage to make the search engine more rooted into iOS devices.

According to Google, the search app for iOS now has an extension designed for iMessage. That means you can now search the web on your iPhone or iPad—and of course, quickly add the search results to your iMessage conversations.

The Google Search extension for iMessage now allows you to type a query in the search box or tap a button below specific type of search. More like what you have when using Gboard; Google’s keyboard app for both Android and iOS.

In case you already have the Google app on your phone, no further installation is required. All you need to do is to open iMessage, tap the iMessage apps drawer, and tap on the Google app icon.

The search extension for iMessage was not the only update made by Google the last time out, the company also announced a new way to discover content while browsing on your iPhone and Safari. The feature was first announced last year when it was made available while browsing in the Google app for iOS.

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