Google Search Introduces Grammar Check Feature — How to Enable It?

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Google Search Grammar Check 

This is Google’s latest AI tool added to its search engine. Gmail and other Google tools have their own grammar and spelling checks. But this grammar check on Google Search is a new feature. 

The feature utilizes AI systems. It analyzes language and checks if the phrase or sentence you type in is grammatically correct. 

It is one of the AI-powered tools that Google introduced this year. 


In May, the company introduced Search Generative Experience. It is an AI-powered search that can summarize information from various sources in response to search queries. 

This is not like a normal Google Search. Rather, SGE utilizes AI to answer your questions on the Search page. After you enter a query, a box will expand with an answer that Google’s large language model has generated. 

It obtains this information from sites and links to sources being used to generate an answer. You can ask follow-up questions to get more accurate results. 

Generative AI Tools on Docs and Gmail

The company also included generative AI tools to its Docs and Gmail. These writing features can help you get started on your writing process. You can start by writing a topic that you want the tool to write about. 

Then, a draft will be generated for you. You can refine and edit it so that the tool will give you more suggestions. 

New Generative AI Tools 

Google and other tech companies are releasing these AI tools regularly. Some tools have the potential to assist people with big and small tasks. 

But no matter how helpful they are, many individuals are worried about losing their job. They are also concerned about misinformation. 

Furthermore, these AI tools have caused uneasiness about how they can affect our society. 

Even Google stated that the responses of these tools are not 100% accurate. According to Google

“You can use Google’s grammar check feature to check if a phrase or sentence is written in a grammatically correct way or how to correct it, if not.”

Using the AI-Powered Grammar Check 

There’s no setting you need to change. Simply enter a phrase or a sentence into the Search bar then add a grammar check. Adding “check grammar” or “grammar checker” will tell Google to activate this feature. 

It is important to note that you do not need to append those phrases every time you search for something. But appending them will guarantee that Google will activate the AI-powered grammar checker. 

If your grammar is flawless, the grammar check section will show a green checkmark. Else, Google will rewrite your sentence. You will know where you did wrong by looking at the underlined words. 

In addition to grammar, the tool will also correct your spelling mistakes. 

For now, the tool is only available in English. 

How Is It? 

It works well with one sentence or phrase. But if you enter more than one, then the tool becomes problematic. 

As mentioned, this tool is not 100% correct. Thus, it is not a replacement for the Grammarly app.

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