Google Search integrated into iMessage

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For all those who use Apple’s messaging app, iMessage, Google Search has now been integrated into the service. The integration is a part of an effort to get the world’s most popular search engine more rooted into iOS devices.

According to Google, the search app for iOS now has an extension designed for iMessage. That means you can now search the web on your iPhone or iPad—and of course, quickly add the search results to your iMessage conversations.

The new Google Search extension for iMessage now allows you to type a query in the search box or tap a button below specific type of search. More like what you have when using Gboard; Google’s keyboard app for both Android and iOS.

For those who already have the Google app on their device, no further installation is required. All you need to do is to open iMessage, tap the iMessage apps drawer, and tap on the Google app icon.

The search extension for iMessage was not the only update made by Google today. The company also announced a new way to discover content while browsing on your iPhone and Safari. The feature was first announced last year when it was made available while browsing in the Google app for iOS.


As soon as you share a webpage with Google, you will be shown suggestions for related content that enables you to find out more about the topic—and that of course, means there is no need to type anything new into the search box.

Reading up on how to grill fish? With two taps, you can jump straight to tips for keeping fish from sticking to the grill, info on the best fish for grilling, or delicious recipes. Simply tap on the Search Google icon from the share menu to start exploring,” Google explained in a blog post.

Also, you can now drag and drop to quickly and easily move text, images and links to and from the Google app on iOS 11. Let’s say you are reading an interesting article on the Google app, all you need to do is to tap and hold to pick up the link and then drag it into iMessage to share with a friend, or into Notes to read it at a later date.


All updates are now available in the latest version of the Google app. However, only users in the US can access all features for now, but Google said plans are on to make them available across other languages.

Still on Google Search, a Reddit user recently spotted a new material design being tested by the search engine giant.

A new material design is in line with Google’s new-found passion—and is already synonimous with some of the company’s products in recent times.

The old layout displays your search results on a white background, while the newly spotted layout displays results in a “card box” with defined borers.

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