Google Rolls Out Enhanced AI Features for Gmail and Workspace Apps

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Google’s Suite of Advanced AI Features to Gmail 

Google just rolled out a suite of advanced AI features to Gmail and its Workspace apps. The new features aim to streamline email management and enhance productivity. 

One of the main updates is the new Gemini side panel, which uses the powerful Gemini 1.5 Pro model to assist users in managing their emails and documents more effectively. 

Gemini Side Panel in Game and Workspace

On the web, the Gemini side panel offers capabilities such as summarizing lengthy email threads and drafting new emails. Users can also engage with “proactive prompts” or ask “freeform questions” to navigate their inbox and documents with ease. 

This feature is being rolled out initially to paid subscribers, including Google Workspace customers with specific add-ons and Google One AI Premium subscribers. 

Mobile App Enhancements 

In the Gmail mobile apps for Andorra and iOS, the Summarize email feature provides a concise summary of email threads. They are accessible via a button beneath the subject line. This tool aims to help users quickly catch up on important communications, especially beneficial for those frequently on the move. 

AI Integration Across Workspace 

Google is extending Gemini’s capabilities beyond Gmail. The side panel is also being integrated into Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Drive, providing a wide range of AI-powered functionalities. 

For the Docs, it can summarize documents, brainstorm ideas, and create content based on existing files. On slides, it can generate new slides, create custom images, and summarize presentations. 

Accessibility and Usage

To access these features, users can click the Ask Gemini sparkle icon next to their profile avatar in the top-right corner of the web interface. This integration allows for seamless assistance without the need to switch tabs, enhancing workflow efficiency. 


Despite the advanced capabilities of the Gemini AI, Google advises users to double-check the AI-generated content, acknowledging that AI can occasionally produce inaccuracies. This caution is crucial for ensuring the reliability of important communications and documents. 

Global Rollout

The rollout of these features begins today and will continue over the next few weeks, becoming fully available to eligible users only. Google’s push to integrate AI across its services marks a significant step in enhancing use productivity and simplifying complex tasks through advanced technology. 

How to Make the Most of These New Features? 

As a user, you can adopt several strategies to maximize its features. For instance, you may wish to use summarize to quickly grasp the essence of long email threads. It can save time and reduce the cognitive load associated with sorting through numerous messages. This can be particularly useful if you are a busy professional who receives large volumes of emails daily. 

In Google Docs, leverage Gemini to brainstorm ideas outline documents, and generate content. If you are a part of a marketing team, for instance, you can use AI to quickly draft campaign proposals, ensuring all relevant points are covered efficiently. 

In Sheet, you can use Gemini to organize data, generate complex formulas, and automate repetitive tasks. This can significantly speed up the data analysis process, allowing your teams to focus on insights rather than entry.

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