Google removes direct Uber bookings from Maps

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Google has removed the ability to hail an Uber ride within its Maps app. While you can still look up the route in Maps and “request the ride from the Uber app,” according to Google, you will not be able book a ride directly within the app.

It is not completely care why Google has taken such a decision at this time, but the decision to add that ability in January 2017 was greeted with mixed feelings. While the ability lasted, users could among several other things enter a location, identify route, and check Uber prices and finally request a ride without exiting the Maps app.

Prior to that addition [one that allowed users to hail ride without leaving the app], users could only check price estimates and start the process of getting a lift—but that was all. However, any users interested in following up their interest would have to exit the app, and access the Uber app, which of course, is already installed on his device.

For now, there is no official confirmation of the removal by Google, but a statement on the Google Maps Help page per Android Police all but confirmed that the option will no longer be available: “you can no longer book Uber rides directly in Google Maps.”

Google Maps recently got its share of Google’s powerful assistant. Google announced the update during its Google I/O 2018. The addition, according to the search giant, will provide better recommendations to users.

Maps has been one of Google’s most helpful apps; helping users to navigate their ways. The app has evolved in the last couple of years, and is no longer just what it used to be. A couple of months ago, Google announced that the app will start telling you when to get off a train or bus during your journeys. The notifications will be interactive and will keep you up to date when out on a journey.

While on a transit journey, Google Maps will appear in the app and on the lock screen of your Android device. You can tap a “start” button at the bottom of the screen with the details about your transit journey. This will enable you to get live updates as you ride in your local trains on buses.

Maps will alert you when you are getting close to your bus stop. Just the perfect feature for a traveler that knows little or nothing about his destination. A perfect tool for individuals who sometimes sleep off during a long journey.

That update was the first clear indication that Google wanted the app to become more interactive when being used. Though, an earlier update launched in March 2017, had shown that the company was clearly working towards integrating AI into the app.

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