Google Released New Digital Wellbeing Apps to Curb Phone Addiction

Google Released New Digital Wellbeing Apps to Curb Phone Addiction

Google Released New Digital Wellbeing Apps to Curb Phone Addiction

Android has Digital Wellbeing tools that can provide you with a daily view of your phone checking habit. With these tools, you can see how you use your phone apps. You can also set limits on how to use those apps through timers. Recently, Google released three new apps to further assist you in understanding your tech use. 

Three New Digital Wellbeing Apps by Google 

Google just added three new apps to its list of digital wellbeing collection. The first one is the Envelope. Unfortunately, it is only available for Pixel 3a owners. If you have this phone, you can download and use this app to make your phone into a calmer device. How? 

“Once you’ve printed and folded our special pdf into an envelope it will turn your phone into a very basic device which can only make and receive calls helping you focus on what’s in front of you.”

This app offers a conceptual experience. However, it can be slightly annoying because you cannot see your photos and videos. Other functions, like fingerprint locking, will still function and the user interface is optimized to give you OLED display. In that case, it will not drain your battery if your phone is on all day long. 

The next app is Activity Bubbles. It is designed to assist you in discovering your phone usage. Every time you unlock your device, a new bubble will appear to your wallpaper. Thus, the more you use your phone, the bigger those bubbles will grow. 

The last app is Screen Stopwatch. It helps you understand how much time you are spending on your phone each day. It has similar functions as Unlock Clock, which is a Google app released last year. 

But the Screen Stopwatch will work differently. It is different in a way that it will show you the overall phone usage each day, rather than the number of times you unlock your phone. 

All of these digital wellbeing apps are free to use and download on the Google Play Store. Other digital wellbeing apps of Google would include Pause. This app will pause the apps you have selected and it will minimize distractions to help you focus. 

You can also set a daily limit on how much time you can spend on some apps or sites. As soon as the timer runs out, the app will be paused for the rest of the day. The apps can also snooze any notifications. 

Then, there is the Do Not Disturb function. It hides notifications so you cannot see them on screen. You may also use Wind Down that notifies you to switch off your phone at night. 

Do You Need Digital Wellbeing Apps? 

We know that too much use of phones and the Internet can have adverse effects on our wellbeing. In some studies, smartphone usage is correlated with an increased mental health issue in teens. 

The result is believed to be caused by social media use. Most of us are spending less time living our own lives and more timing checking in with other people’s lives. 

But will these digital wellbeing apps help? It still depends on how you use them.

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