Google Podcasts will end operations in 2024

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Next year, Google Podcasts will be discontinued, and YouTube Music will take its place. Despite being around since 2018, Google Podcasts has not really made much progress in comparison to its top competitors.

All its structures will now be collapsed into YouTube and YouTube Music. Considering that both apps have a sizable market share in terms of podcasting, this seems like a great idea.

There is still enough time to migrate all their tools to YouTube Music before the rug is finally pulled in 2024. For those who would rather migrate to other podcast apps, Google “will also include an option to download an OPML file of their show subscriptions, which they can upload to an app that supports their import.”

Unlike many other available podcasts at launch, Google Podcast was integrated with artificial intelligence. The app was released at a time when Google was integrating AI into all of its apps at breakneck speed.

With podcasts, users are able to discover and listen to podcasts from several broadcasters across the world. You can download your favorite episodes of any show for offline listening with Google Podcast. You can subscribe to any show for free.

With the Google Assistant, you can pause on one device and resume listening on another by using the app to automatically synchronize all of your listening across devices.

Simplicity is one of the most important features when looking for a podcast to use, especially if you are a newbie, and Google Podcast offers that. The truth is that you won’t struggle to find your way around it because all its features are easy to get used to. It is simple to find, play, and subscribe to podcasts. Google will need to include a feature to create playlists, as it is not currently available.

Google Podcast is one cool app to fall in love with, especially with the integration of Google Assistant. That statement is not exaggerated; the features are compelling enough to entice anyone to fall in love with it.

Google Podcasts did not really catch the fancy of pro users who would rather make use of rival apps like Spotify and the like. However, it did offer some of the basic features every normal user would want in a podcast app.

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