Google Plus Won’t Be a Requirement when Playing Android Games

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When Google Plus came out of the scene, it was kind of cool. However, Google shoved it in places that the social networking site didn’t belong to. Now, the company is backing down. Google will no longer require its users to have a Google+ account or integrate their Google+ accounts before they can start playing an Android game.

Google+ Won’t Be a Requirement when Playing Android Games

Google+ Won’t Be a Requirement when Playing Android Games

The search engine giant just announced that it’s going to decouple its social networking app from its core product after it has dropped the requirement to have a Google+ account to start using its Google Play Games services.

Currently, owners of an Android smartphone must have a Google+ account to activate their Play Games account. The overhaul plan will favour a G+ less option.

“…for the Google+ scope unnecessarily

Issue: Your users will get unnecessary, potentially disturbing pop-up consent windows

Solution: Don’t request any additional scopes unless you absolutely need them.”

The new sign-in system is part of the updated communication found on Android Developer blog. Furthermore, gamers will no longer have to log into their accounts every time they load a game, which is the case right now.

The upcoming change on how Google Play Games works will still require you to sign into your Google+ account but it will no longer be mandatory. This means that developers of Android games can opt to implement that specific request. And if you don’t like logging into your Google Plus account, you can disable the request through the Settings.

For most gamers, this is a great step of Google. For them, the social network doesn’t really have to be everywhere all at once. This will reduce all the hassles associated with playing Android games. Each time you install a game, a user will have to go through changing permissions because the company isn’t capable of understanding that some gamers don’t want their gaming activities to be public to anyone who’s using the Internet.

A regards to Google+, it’s still not dead yet, contrary to what others are claiming that it’s dying. There are still tons of people who are still posting to this social networking site (including me). However, Google’s networking site is more of a niche than Facebook.

Journalists and comedians end up using Twitter because they like off-the-cuff sharing. Some artists go to Tumblr because of its image centre and tag pages features, which are, undoubtedly, easy to explore.

Tech and some writers, on the other hand, use Google+ because of its collection tools and great formatting options.

People use Facebook because most of their friends are in this social networking site. However, they do use other social networks to connect with other types of communities. And this is what Google has missed. The company wanted to make your online identity as a social layer but most people don’t want it, i.e. they don’t want all of their online activities to be social.

With this announcement of Google, it’s finally seeing the truth that its users want to use G+ for some reason and not for all of their activities when they’re online.

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