Google Play Store’s New Logo to Celebrate 10th Birthday

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It is similar to the old logo. 

Happy 10th Birthday Google Play Store 

The original Android app store launched in 2008. It was a month after Apple introduced App Store. But it was in 2012 that the company rebranded into Google Play. It was a combination of other services, such as Google eBookstore and Music. 

Google Play is cloud-based where you can store your apps, books, movies, and music. They are always available to you. With Google Play you won’t lose them again unless you delete them. 

To honor its 10th birthday, Google introduced a new logo. It looks similar to the old logo. It may be difficult for you to see the differences between the old one and the brand new logo. 

The new logo is still a photo with a right-pointing arrow. The difference is that the corners are duller. The colors are also uniform. This is a design trend. Other companies are doing it, too. That is, it makes everything simple and flat. 

In addition to the new logo, Google is also offering 10 times Play Points to rewards program members. The promotion comes as the service evolves. 

Google Play Points

To take advantage of the points, go to the Google Play app and tap Play Points so you can begin earning 10 times points within 24 hours. The ability to utilize points to pay for apps was just introduced. Some users can also redeem Play Points for Google Store discounts. 

In 2018, Google rebadged its Newsstand into Google News. And in 2020, Play Music transitioned to YouTube Music. This year, the company is putting its movies and TV content into its TV app. Although the Play Store is intact, it is more focused than it was 10 years ago. 

The Play Store has faced several controversies in recent years. The Play Protect anti-malware system made it more trustworthy than it was before. But some murky apps still show up on the store. 

Is It Secure? 

Google remains optimistic that the overall health of its ecosystem is better than before. The potentially harmful applications declined by 31% year after year. Google is working hard to secure more than 2 billion Android devices around the world. The Google Play Protect is AI-driven. It scans more than 50 billion apps every day. 

The Google Play Protect can spot harmful apps that can commit fraud or allow hijacks. There are a few of them but the mechanism significantly reduced the number of installs. In 2016, Google stated that it took down more than 250,000 copycat apps and thousands of apps that feature hate speech, porn, and illegal activities. 

The system is not foolproof. Some harmful apps can still get their way through the cracks. However, as long as Android users stick to Google Play for app downloads, they are safe. Recently, security researchers found a new malware that has been downloaded more than 3,000,000 times. The malware has some positive reviews on Google Play because of bot reviews. To keep you safe from threats, Google recommends monitoring Internet data and battery consumption.

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