Google Pixel Tablet May Include USI-Certified Stylus

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It appeared in the USI certification database.

Google Pixel Tablet Shipping with USI-Certified Stylus 

Google previewed its Pixel Tablet at the I/O 2022. The device appeared in a list of Universal Stylus Initiative (USI) products

USI wants to create a standard for stylus so that it can work with every certified device. Google only joined the organization in 2018 with Chromebooks featuring USI support. 

Styluses proliferated on Android. The pen is a growing addition to Chrome OS. Google launched its own Pen with the Pixelbook. The trend continued with the company joining the USI for standardized stylus specs. 

The standards group was introduced in 2015. 

“USI was formed to develop and promote an open industry specification for an active stylus and released the first universal stylus and device specification last year.” 

In addition to Google, other tech companies also joined the group including Lenovo, Synaptics, Intel and Wacom, and many others. 


The USI-certified products list features a Google entry for an item that meets the specification. The company’s product name is Tangor, which is a citrus fruit hybrid. The model is called a tablet. 

During the IO 2022, Google said Pixel tablet. But because both words didn’t appear side by side in writing, Pixel Tablet may not be an actual brand name. 

Even though the Pixel tablet appeared on the USI list, it doesn’t confirm that what the company showed at the conference is what appears in the certification. 

It’s interesting to note that Tangor appeared in a certification database even though the said tablet would be available in 2023. But the listing was added earlier this year. 

Having a Google Pixel tablet with USI support is a first for Android. However, there are already third-party devices that could beat Google in the market. 

Pixel-branded USI stylus might need charging often. To get power from Google’s tablet, there are two possible options — USB-C and AAAA batteries. They are also the options that many pens today are using. However, wireless charging may also be another option to consider. 

Google has shared a few images of the Pixel tablet. The images showed a single camera on the back. The overall design looks similar to other Android tablets. It also resembles Apple’s budget iPad model. 

But the front of the tablet is similar to Nest Hub Max. However, the tablet could have a minimalist display with rounded corners and front cameras that make sense in tablet and smart displays. The company chose a white bezel and continue the Nest Hub aesthetic. 

There are four dots on the back of the tablet. The dots could be designed for a magnetic smart connector. Some Apple tablets have technology that lets people attach accessories without the need for USB or Bluetooth connections. 

A Hybrid Product 

Google Pixel tablet has a practical appeal. But since it’s a hybrid product, it won’t be available cheap. However, it may be worth every penny considering that it has a smart display and a tablet that you can use for handheld productivity. It will be a premium product and can be used as a genuine laptop replacement.

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