Google Photos rolls out Real Tone filters on iOS and Android

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Image Credit: Indian Express

Google has started rolling out its Real Tone filters on both iOS, and Android. The filters are designed to help show your skin in its natural state. One the feature becomes available; you should have a suite of new options in the “Filters” tab of the Google Photos editor.

You will have a couple of choices including Playa, Isla, Honey, and Desert to choose from. The filters, according to Google, were designed to “work well across skin tones.”

If you have chosen one of the new filters, you should see an overlaid mention of “Made with Real Tone.” Every filter should also have adjustments you can make, to properly refine any picture.

Two years ago, Google Photos launched an improved editor functionality, you can get the best of your old and new photos. The feature is powered by artificial intelligence, which is fast becoming the mainstay of most Google products these days. 

The revamped editor feature is built with smart suggestions and easy-to-use granular adjustments, which brings out the very best look in your photos. Google Photos is already providing you with suggestions like brightening, rotating, or archiving a picture while you are viewing your pictures.

Google went a step further by enabling the editor to do much more. A new tab has now been added to the editor that makes use of machine learning to give you suggestions that are designed to the specific photo you are editing.

The new editor makes it easy to find and apply granular edits, like brightness, contrast, saturation, warmth and more. You can quickly scroll through all your options to find the tool you need or discover new ones. 

These suggestions help you get stunning results in just one tap, by intelligently applying features like brightness, contrast and portrait effects. You’ll see some familiar suggestions like Enhance and Color Pop, and in the coming months, we’ll add more suggestions to Pixel devices to help your portraits, landscapes, sunsets and more really stand out,” product manager Google Photos Zachary Senzer said in a blog post.

Google Photos is by far one of the most highly-used photo apps in the world. With regular updates, Photos has won many fans across the world, which makes it one of the first names on the lips of people when searching for the best photos apps to install.

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