Google Photos Free Unlimited Storage is Ending

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Better upload all your photos now while Google Photos unlimited storage is still free. 

Google Photos is a popular cloud photo storage of the Internet search giant. One reason is that it offers free unlimited photo backups. 

Last year, Google said that there are over 4 trillion photos uploaded and stored in Google Photos. Each week, 28 billion new images and videos are uploaded. 

Google Photos Free Unlimited Storage Turning Six Years Old

To celebrate its 6 years of service, Google decided to make some money out of it. After June 1, Google will start to limit its users to 15 GB of storage. If you go over the limit, you need to buy more storage through its Google One program. 

When Google launched the said service, it offered two photo storage tiers. The original quality tier includes uncompressed photos that counted to your storage usage. But the high-quality tier includes compressed photos that didn’t count to the limit. 

But these tiers will be gone on June 1. 

All newly uploaded photos will count to the storage limit. It means that even if you choose to compress the photos/videos, they still count to the limit. 

However, if you choose to upload your photos beforeJune 1, images won’t count to the limit. 

If you wait after June 1, then you will no longer enjoy unlimited free storage. You can choose to stay with Google Photos and pay for more storage or look for another cloud storage service. 

Pay for those Memories 

Google was the only one that offers unlimited storage for free. No other cloud service offered it. Unfortunately, Google wants to make some money. 

In that case, it might be time for you to look for another cloud storage service. Both Google and Microsoft are great options. However, your choice will still depend on the ecosystem you are using. 

If you opt for Microsoft, the cloud service is integrated with Samsung Gallery. This is useful if you opt to explore your videos and photos on the Samsung gallery app. The cheapest option is $1.99 per month for 100 GB storage

On the other hand, if you are hooked to Google’s ecosystem, the better option is Google Photos. This service is more ideal in your case because you can access the app on each Android device. You can also use it with your iPhone. 

With Google Photos, you can get 100 GB of storage for $1.99 a month. If you need more storage, you can choose the 200GB tier that costs $2.99 a month. The highest option is 2TB for $9.99 a month. You can save 17% if you choose to pay $99.99 per year. 

The free 15GB tier will count everything that you store in your Google Drive, Photos, and Gmail. But if you choose to subscribe to Google One program, your storage limit will increase across all services. 

However, if you don’t want to pay for cloud storage, you can just buy physical media and save your photos and videos there. For expandable storage, you can purchase a microSD card. It’s quite cheaper.

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