Google Photos could soon welcome a more advanced search filter

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Image Credit: Jane Manchun Wong

Google Photos is everyone’s favorite photo app; and for many good reasons too. The app is not only foot at organising your photos and saving them on the cloud, it makes sorting your memorable moments easy. Google Photos is about to get even better with a new feature that could soon be added. Per our reliable Jane Manchun Wong, Google is working on “search result refinement filters.”

Currently, you can search for certain things by name, and there are filters of people, pets, places, and much more. However, you cannot search for any of those items more than one at a time. With the upcoming feature, you will have the chance to conduct a more robust search with Google’s set of filters.

From Jane’s screenshot, there is a new ‘Filters’ button right below the search field as well as suggested additions that look like people. Among options available are selfies, videos, and motion photos. 

We do not have any confirmation from Google at the moment, but with Jane’s pedigree, the feature could become a reality pretty soon. 

Last year, Google updated Photos with the ability to see your newly uploaded pictures first on Google Photos. 

The update was one of the biggest changes to the popular picture apps for a very long time. This feature was present in the web version of the service a long time before the mobile version was announced. With the announcement however, Android users could access newly uploaded photos once they open the app.

Previously, photos were sorted in a reverse-chronological order by the date which they were taken; this arrangement placed your most recent snaps on top all the time. The problem with this arrangement however, is that things change as soon as you upload some of your old pictures from your phone or computer—the uploaded pictures are quickly buried in your library by the date in which they were taken.

To get started, simply go to the Search tab, scroll down past people and places and things, and you will see Recently Added under Your Activity. When you open it, you will find your pictures sorted by the date they were uploaded in. This present arrangement makes it easier to edit, share, or even group them in a new album regardless of when they were taken.

Google Photos remains one of the most updated Google apps available. This accounts for its popularity among mobile phone users across the world.

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Author: Ola Ric

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