Google Not Taking Over Twitter, CEO Dick Costolo Says

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google-not-taking-over-twitter-ceo-dick-costolo-saysGoogle is not having talks with Twitter for a takeover, says CEO Dick Costolo, while reports continue to speculate they are.

Dick Costolo, chief executive officer of top micro-blogging site Twitter, said these were just rumors and he does not know where they came from.

Giving a keynote speech after Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s own, Costolo, a stand-up comic at times, gave the audience a quick and energetic presentation, which was more exciting than the earlier speaker at the Mobile World Congress 2011 held in Barcelona, Spain.

During the Q & A, Costolo managed to avoid questions regarding how Twitter continues to generate money and expand rapidly.

Costolo said, without getting into details, “Every time I have an interview I am asked when we’re going to make money. The short answer is we’re already making money.”

After taking the role of CEO from co-founder Evan Williams late last year, Costolo said that Twitter now holds over 130 million tweets daily, 30 million more than at the end of 2010.

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Author: Francis Rey

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